Transferring Courses

The Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center handles all requests for transferring courses to APU. Whether you are a new APU student transferring from another institution or a student currently enrolled at APU wishing to take classes at another school, your appeal to transfer that course credit to APU will ultimately go through this office.

Prospective APU Students (New Transfer Students)

If you are currently applying to APU and would like to transfer course credit from another institution, please check with your admissions counselor in the Office of Undergraduate and International Admissions. You may also want to review our General Education and Articulation transfer information to get an idea of how your coursework will transfer to APU.

Online Transfer Credit Evaluation

Create an account on the Transferology website to find out which college courses will transfer to APU.


Transfers must submit transcripts from any and all colleges or universities attended in order to receive transfer credit. Prospective APU students (applicants) should submit their transcripts to the Office of Undergraduate and International Admissions.

Please note, the Office of Undergraduate and International Admissions will accept unofficial transcripts for admissions purposes; official transcripts must be sent to obtain transfer credit. Official transcripts must be sent to APU in a sealed, unopened envelope bearing the official logo/seal of the institution.

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