Online Courses

Azusa Pacific’s online courses combine the content and quality of traditional, face-to-face classes with the convenience and flexibility of an online format. APU faculty who teach online courses also teach in our on-campus programs. Students can participate in discussions and complete assignments when and where it works best for them. The dynamic online learning environment also promotes high levels of interaction with the professor and with other students in the program.

Is an Online Course for Me?

Online courses are ideal for students whose work schedules make it difficult to be on a campus during traditional school hours. Those who live far from campus also find online learning beneficial. Because online classes have weekly requirements and deadlines, students must be motivated to learn and have self discipline.

Where Do I Start?

Step 1 – Enroll

Enroll in a course at

Step 2 – Log in to Sakai or Canvas

While you can log in to your online learning platform, you will not be able to access your courses until the first day of the class.

Note About Sakai vs. Canvas

The university is in the process of a school-by-school transition from Sakai to Canvas for both online and companion courses. To determine whether your course is using Sakai or Canvas this term, visit the Student Center tab at Select the “Enroll” link, select the “My Class Schedule” tab, and in List View click on the “Section” link. Look in the Notes section to see if this class will be offered in Canvas. All classes without a Canvas note are still offered through Sakai. Select the appropriate option based on that information.

There are two ways you can log in to your online course:

Option 1

Canvas or Sakai
  • Go to
  • Enter your APU Net ID and password.
  • Scroll down to the Quicklinks menu on the welcome page.
  • Click on the Sakai or Canvas link at the bottom of the Quicklinks menu.

Option 2

  • Go to and click “Log In.”
  • Enter your APU Net ID and password to log in to your Canvas account.
  • Go to and click on “Log In.”
  • Enter your APU Net ID and password to log in to your Sakai account.

Step 3 – Access Your Course


  1. Courses
    • After logging in, click “Courses.”
  2. Find your course from the list of courses.


  1. My Workspace
    • After logging in, you will arrive at My Workspace.
  2. Find Your Course
    • From the My Workspace page, click “More Sites” to find your course. Select and open your course.
  3. Left Sidebar
    • Within your course, the left sidebar contains a list of items that vary depending on the course. Click the different links to explore their functions.
  4. Personalize
    • You may personalize the look, content, and function of your Workspace through the “Preferences” tool in the left sidebar.


  • If you can’t see your course, an assignment, or your grade, ask your instructor, as instructors control those items.
  • If you have technical problems, contact the IMT Support Center, which is available 24/7 for assistance at or by calling (626) 815-5050.

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