2021-22 Tuition and Fees

When reviewing APU’s tuition and fees, keep in mind that most students do not pay the full price each year. In fact, 100% of new students beginning spring 2020 will receive some form of financial aid, such as scholarships, grants, and loans. Learn more about available financial aid options and understanding the true cost of college.

Estimated 2021-22 School-Year Charges (Two Semesters) for a Freshman Living on Campus
Tuition (12-18 units)$40,830
University Service Fee$680
Cougar Traditional Dining Plan2$4,140

Please note: Freshman students who wish to park a vehicle on campus will be charged a $300 parking fee per semester. Returning students parking on campus will be charged $125 per semester.

2021-22 Undergraduate Student Semester Charges

Updated February 2021 (Costs effective for the 2021-22 school year)
Fees are subject to change without notice.

For the 2021-22 academic year, while prices are subject to change, tuition and fees are established regardless of instruction mode, and will not be prorated or refunded in the event that instruction transitions from face-to-face instruction to another mode of learning, including remote or online learning. This does not apply to room and board fees.


Traditional Undergraduate Costs
Cost per semester
Undergraduate full-time4
(12–18 units)
Undergraduate, per unit
(under 12 units or over 18 units)
Undergraduate, Audit (per unit) $851
Undergraduate, Summer 2022 $452 per unit (100-200-level classes)
$527 per unit (300-400-level classes)
Summer Short-Term Study Travel (per unit) TBD
Independent Study (per unit) This cost is in addition to regular tuition fees $125
ALCI Per-Session Costs
Cost per semester
American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI) (per session) No health fee included (Levels I-V) $5,700

Room and Board

Residence Halls
Cost per semester
Adams, Engstrom, Trinity
(Cougar Classic dining plan minimum)
Shire Mods: 3 bedrooms (noncooking)
(Cougar Choice dining plan minimum)
Cost per semester
Bowles: 1 bedroom $2,955
University Park: 1 bedroom $3,129
University Park: 2 bedrooms $2,763
Shire Mods: 2 bedrooms (cooking) $2,907
University Village: 1 bedroom $3,552
University Village: 2 bedroom/1 bath $2,875
University Village: 2 bedroom/2 bath $3,023


Residents living in campus apartments (with the exception of the Shire mods) must pay utilities (gas and electric). This will cost an estimated $400 a year per apartment but varies with usage. Students are also responsible for setting up and managing their own utilities.

Dining Plans
Cost per semester
Cougar Premium: $2,560 in purchasing power, averaging 2-3 meals per day, or about $22.86 per day $2,399
Cougar Traditional: $2,230 in purchasing power, averaging 2 meals per day, or about $19.91 per day $2,132
Cougar Classic: $1,550 in purchasing power, averaging 1-2 meals per day, or about $13.84 per day $1,519
Cougar Choice: $1,210 in purchasing power, averaging 7-8 meals per week, or about $10.80 per day $1,201
Cougar Mini: $820 in purchasing power, averaging 5-6 meals per week, or about $7.32 per day $823
Cougar Basic: $400 in purchasing power, averaging 2-3 meals per week, or about $3.57 per day $412

Average spending is based on a 15-week semester and 7-day week. Average meal calculated by $10.40/meal. View the 2021-22 Spending Guides for a breakdown of each plan.

Residents living in Adams, Trinity, or Engstrom halls are required to carry at minimum the Cougar Classic plan and to sign the Dining Plan Agreement. Any dorm resident who does not sign up for a dining plan will be automatically placed on the Cougar Classic plan. Residents living in Shire H court are required to have at minimum the Cougar Choice plan and to sign the Dining Plan Agreement. Any Shire H resident who does not sign up for a dining plan will be automatically placed on the Cougar Choice plan.

Additional Fees

Cost per semester
Parking Fee: Freshman Living on Campus $300
Parking Fee: Freshman Commuter and Returning Students $125
Mandatory Fees
Cost per semester
Undergraduate University Service Fee $340
ALCI University Service Fee $315
Summer University Service Fee (ALCI and Undergraduate Students) $100
ALCI Summer Health Fee $200
Study Away Semester Program Fee $5,500
Orientation Fee $100
Health Insurance Premiums
Cost per semester
Health Insurance Premium5
(ALCI and Undergraduate Students)
Fall 2021: $634
Spring/Summer 2022: $927
Study Away International Health Insurance Fee
Length of Program Cost of Insurance Per Program
0-2 Weeks $35
2-10 Weeks $50
10+ Weeks or 1 Semester $100
Extra Class Fees (Labs, Art, Music, Etc.)
Engineering and Computer Science Lab Fee $0
Kinesiology Lab Fee $35-$100
Music: Applied Private Voice and Instrument (per unit) $350
Music: MIDI Lab Fee (per unit, maximum $180 per semester) $30
Nursing Fees (per nursing clinic/lab course; includes malpractice insurance) $250
Science Lab Fee (per course) $100
Social Work Lab Fee $50
Transcript Request
Transcript (per address) $5
Transcript Service Processing Fee (per address) $2.50
Rush Mail (per address, in addition to transcript copy fees) $10
Rush Pick-Up (in addition to transcript copy fees) $10
Rush Electronic PDF (per email address) $11.75
Rush/Express Mail Fee (per domestic address, in addition to transcript copy fees) $30
Rush/Express International Transcript Mail Fee (per international address, in addition to transcript copy fees) $50

Learn more about requesting academic transcripts.

Application Fee for U.S. Students $45
Application Fee for International Students $45
Enrollment Deposit $300
Graduation Fees
Undergraduate Students $100
Cap and Gown Fee $44.99
Late Graduation Application Fee $200
Noncompliance Fees
Return Check Fee $30
Chapel Noncompliance Fine $200
Chapel Late Petition Fine $125-$175


  1. This charge will vary for returning students and transfer students depending on their living area. Other options and prices are listed in the tables above.
  2. The minimum plan for a student living in a residence hall is a Cougar Traditional dining plan. Other options and prices are listed in the tables above.
  3. Students who do not have proof of health insurance will be charged a Health Insurance Premium each semester that is not included in the total listed above.
  4. The maximum study load for students with fewer than 30 units of completed college study is 17 units per semester. The maximum load for students who have completed 30 or more units of college study is 18 units, providing they have maintained a 3.0 or higher grade-point average (GPA). All variance to this policy must be petitioned through the department chair and appropriate dean. Final approval is granted through the Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center.
  5. Health insurance premiums are subject to change each year. The currently advertised premium is for the 2021-22 school year only.

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