Meet the Staff

  • Kelli Anthony

    Cashier and Client Services Coordinator

  • Andrew Gilbert

    Associate Director of Student Academic Records

    • Megan Casner, Academic Records Specialist
    • Charlene Yang, Academic Records Specialist
    • Saicha Crawford, Academic Records Specialist
  • Mae Gill

    Director of Student Financial Services

    • Todd Ross, Associate Director of Student Financial Services
    • Angelica Rios, Student Account Specialist
    • Colleen Powers, Student Account Specialist
    • Diana Lopez, Student Account Specialist
    • Charlene Yang, Student Financials Data Analyst
  • Mona Thaxter

    Director of Student Academic Records

    • Houri Hagopian, Associate Director, Undergraduate Registrar and Data Systems
    • Alvin Balatbat, Senior Data Systems Administrator
    • Melinda Blunt, Senior Transfer Evaluation Specialist
    • Nathan Chakerian, Senior Business and Data Analyst
    • Carol Dashiell, Data Systems Administrator, Articulation and P/S Support
    • Mika French, Data Systems Administrator for Transfer Evaluations and Data Support
    • Artemis Tadjiki, Data Systems Administrator
    • Andrea Lie, Data Systems Administrator
    • Roger Ling, Business Analyst, Compliance Reporting

Academic and Financial Services Staff

  • Jon Krimmel

    Executive Director of Financial Aid and Compliance

    • Heather Hamm, Associate Director of Financial Aid and NCAA Compliance
    • Helen Castillo, Data Systems Administrator, Senior Financial Aid Specialist
    • Melissa Cummings, Senior Financial Aid Specialist
    • Linda Quan, Financial Aid Specialist
    • Mark Woolery, Associate Director of Data Systems
    • Jackie McLean, Data Processing Associate, Financial Aid
    • Greta Buehler, Project Manager, SFS Data Systems

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