How It Works


University College operates year-round on a standard trimester calendar. In this system, the academic year consists of three 16-week semesters (spring, summer, and fall), each of which is split into two 8-week sessions. Offering flexibility and convenience, University College enables students to enroll at six different start dates each calendar year.

Online and On Campus

University College programs are offered in online and face-to-face formats, giving students multiple pathways for their higher education experience.

UC’s online courses are offered in an asynchronous learning environment, meaning students take classes where and when they need them. Students can access their online courses in the Course Portal at UC courses are delivered through Moodle, a media-rich virtual-learning environment.

The university offers several campus locations throughout Southern California designed for working professionals. Students typically attend classes in the evenings to accommodate their schedule. Learn more about which locations are available for your program of choice.


Moodle is equipped with a variety of built-in communication, collaboration, assessment, and evaluation tools used for online course delivery, group forums, discussions, sharing of resources, and more. University College provides centralized hosting and support for students using the Moodle software.

Moodle is used by a number of higher education institutions, including the New Jersey Institute of Technology, North Carolina State University, Texas State Technical College, and the University of Minnesota.