General Information

About the Program:

  • Students may only enroll in 100-level courses offered through the UC General Studies program. Visit the Course Listing page to view UC’s 100-level classes.
  • Before deciding to concurrently enroll at UC, students should review course offerings in the current catalog, taking note of any prerequisites.
  • Enrollment is limited to one course per session (six sessions per academic year), with a maximum of 54 units completed through the Concurrent Enrollment Program.
  • All college coursework and grades become a permanent part of the student’s official college academic history and transcript. Poor grades have a far-reaching effect on future entrance to a college or university of choice, scholarships, financial aid awards, etc.
  • Students are protected by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) when they attend postsecondary institutions. Neither the parent, family member, nor a representative from the student’s school may inquire about the student or obtain information on the student’s academic performance, enrollment, or attendance without the expressed written consent of the student, regardless of the student’s age.
  • These are college courses. The expectation is that a student’s maturity level and academic preparation are appropriate to the class in which they are enrolled.
  • High school students enrolled concurrently at UC are not eligible for financial aid.
  • All communication from UC will be directly with the student. This includes student academic progress and financial accounts. The ability of parents to view a student’s college records can be given only by written consent of the student.


  • Students are expected to adhere to all academic policies (see the university’s catalog) and deadlines as outlined in the Academic Calendar.
  • Students must abide by and are subject to the “Expectations for Student Behavior in the Learning Environment” as outlined in the catalog. All disciplinary incidents become a part of the student’s personal history.
  • Students must meet any prerequisites as applicable.
  • Students must submit the Concurrent Enrollment Registration Form (PDF) for each term enrolled at UC.
  • Students enrolled in home study programs must provide an officially recognized home study certificate.
  • Students must request UC official transcripts if required by their high school.