About the Office

University Relations exists to promote APU—its people, programs, and purpose—to the university’s customers, partners, and colleagues with integrity and consistency so that both the university’s mission and marketplace demands may be achieved.

University Relations exists to meet the marketing needs of the university in the following ways:

  1. Establish and maintain the university’s institutional image.
  2. Develop and implement collateral material to support:
    • Recruitment (of students, faculty, and staff)
    • Certain aspects of retention (recognizing that word-of-mouth is the university’s most effective marketing tool)
    • Fundraising
    • Community relations
    • Select events (such as Night of Champions, Commencement, and Dinner Rally/Homecoming.)
    • Wayfinding (the process by which the campus community and friends find their way to our campuses and to reach their on-campus destination)

Several components exist (publications, brochures, advertisements, websites, etc.) that enable the university to tell its story, and in so doing, interest those who likewise embrace our mission. These are the future administrators, faculty, staff, donors, and students who will form the fabric of our university’s community in the years to come. Our success in identifying and reaching out to these few is essential to the future of the university.

University Relations provides the following services in support of the above goals: