Event Promotion

Throughout the course of a year, the university hosts numerous events. The involvement of University Relations with the campus community in promoting events depends on the event's purpose.

If your event is small and exclusively for your office or department and requires an invitation, program, notebook sleeves, or name tags, a packet of those materials has been developed for this purpose. You may obtain it free of charge from warehouse operations staff, at (626) 815-5001 or warehouseoperations@apu.edu, who will route the order to your office via intracampus mail services. These packets contain guidelines for print layout and the contact information for a print vendor designated to provide such services.

Please contact University Relations at (626) 815-4500 or email universityrelations@apu.edu if you need assistance promoting an event. Some events require a year or more of planning, so it is best to include University Relations in the initial planning phase.