Design and Graphics

Because Azusa Pacific University strives to convey a professional interface coupled with enjoyable user browsing, graphics should be optimized for a balance of quick downloads and quality presentation. Neither bloated graphic files nor highly optimized files that look poor are appropriate for the website.

Graphics should be sized and cropped in a photo editing software program before posting on a website. Only in rare cases should the presentation size of graphics be adjusted by HTML, since this increases download time, slows rendering by the Web browser, and degrades apparent photo quality.

Links to all graphics should include the “alt” attribute in the image tag (<img>) to facilitate a better experience for visually impaired website visitors. Where possible, the alt attribute should concisely describe the photo and/or what the photo links to. This is particularly important for graphics implemented for navigation. Graphics that are used as placeholders or whose presence is considered nonessential should contain an empty "alt" attribute in order for screen reader software to skip the graphic.

Students, faculty, and staff creating personal or unofficial office pages should not use graphics from the university website without permission.

No APU webpage shall contain copyrighted material without the author’s or publisher’s written permission.