Web Links

Azusa Pacific University seeks to reflect professionalism in all avenues of web representation. In light of this standard, only link explicitly written email addresses to mailto links. Never link generic phrases such as contact us or a person's name to a mailto link. Most computer users do not have their computer systems set up to automatically open their email program when clicking a mailto link, so those who are unaware that a link is a mailto link may become confused or frustrated.

When creating links to other sites, exercise discretion. It should not be assumed that all material on the Internet is acceptable or edifying to Azusa Pacific University's audience. Suitable links include those that bolster and supplement the general message of a particular office or department.

It is important that APU webpages do not lead website users to make improper use of the university's facilities, such as providing links to:

  • Archives that may contain pornographic material
  • Bulletin boards that contain dubious material
  • Sites that distribute illegal software