Nathan Huff in Solo Exhibition at UCR

Posted: July 14, 2014

Nathan Huff, detail of "Fortunate Find", 2014. Gouache, Graphite, and Acrylic on Watercolor.

Nathan Huff, installation view of "Fortunate Find". Photo: UCR ARTSblock

The UCR ARTSblock presents a solo exhibition, DOMESTICATING DISTURBANCES: New Work by Nathan Huff, by Nathan Huff, adjunct professor in the MFA program at APU.

IDomesticating Disturbances, artist Nathan Huff transforms the ARTSblock’s gallery spaces into visual recitals combining the existence of animals and the austere presence of everyday objects as nostalgic and psychological tropes.

Huff’s interest in the disconnection of two beings- living and non-living, is associated with his curiosity of whether “simpler times” can co-exist within or permeate in our “digital” life. He presents this paradox in a series of installations consisting of drawings, paintings and sculptures. The primal foundation in his installations are animals - bear, deer, owl and whale, that function as cultural archetypes. Much like Carl Jung’s concept of the collective unconsciousness, Huff focuses on animals as central figures recollected in trauma, myths, dreams, as well as in art. The connection of the two existences continues as Huff interrupts the animal’s habitat with sculptural objects and ultimately, placing them in juxtaposition within the domestic interior of a cultural institution.

 For a quick teaser of the exhibition, check out the link here.

 Opening Reception is on Saturday, July 19 from 6:00-9:00pm, with an artist walkthrough at 5:30pm.


DOMESTICATING DISTURBANCES: New Work by Nathan Huff, June 24-November 1, Sweeney Art Gallery, UCR ARTSblock, Riverside, CA.

Contact information: (951) 827-4787

The exhibition was organized by UCR ARTSblock and curated by Jennifer Frias, Associate Curator, Sweeney Art Gallery, University of California, Riverside. Support provided by UCR's College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CHASS), the City of Riverside, and Westmont College Professional Development Grant.

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