Coming Soon 2019


We are so excited to share about our

upcoming student films!

Here’s the line-up!

Film: Linked


Genre: Thriller/Horror

Written by: F. Scott Graves

Core Crew:

F. Scott Graves - Director

Bennett Lees - Director of Photography

Jaime Wood - Editor

Katie Robinson - Producer

Jacob Scott - Producer

Jordan Williams - 1st AD

Daniel Yeo - 2nd AD

Colin Summers - Production Design

Marina LaBossier - Production Design

Zachary Schneider - Sound

Film: CampySpy


Genre: Action, Comedy, Musical


Charis Tshihamba

Jason Borrajo

Sabrina Robinson

Core Crew:

Sabrina Robinson - director

Mirian Perez-Colindres - producer

Madison Webster - producer

Rachel Jewett - first assistant director

Ryan Contreras - director of photography

Makenna Brough - production designer

Noah Oullette - art director

Nolan Croce - sound designer

Erik Hansen - sound designer

Adam Tune - composer

Emily Troyer - casting director

Link to Give towards the Film:



Film: Circa 1959


Genre: Sci-fi/ Historical

Written by: Sadie Telge & Amy Rose

Core Crew:

Sadie Telge- Director

Karl James Peralta- Producer

Vanessa Azpeita- Producer

Zane Plaster- 1st AD

Taylor Null- 2nd AD

Mary Rose Wertheimer- Director of Photography

Chris Miyashiro- Production Designer

Caleb Burdett- Editor

Olivia Gozal- Sound Designer

Film: Malpractice

Core Crew:

Charlotte Newsom - Lead Producer

Jake Deverian - Producer

Donnie Mathias - Producer

Brandon Kurtz - Producer

Jordan Nicks - Director

Randall De Chavez - 1st AD

Jacob Scott - 2nd AD

Taylor Tomlinson - Cinematographer

Isabella Mallak - Production Designer

Jacob Martinez - Sound Designer

Zach Schneider - Sound Design

Amy Lowery - Editor

Josh Buchinsky - DIT


Jordan Nicks




Note: This information is current for the 2018-19 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.