Frequently Asked Questions

What type of graduate art history program does APU offer?

APU’s art history degree program is an online degree that focuses on modern and contemporary art.

How many units are in this program?

The program requires 36–39 semester units.

How often will I need to be online for this program?

You must be online sufficiently throughout each week to participate in threaded discussions and to complete all assignments by their deadlines. However, there is no prescribed amount or designated time that you will be required to be online since assignments and deadlines will vary throughout each course.

Will I have to complete any part of my Online Master of Arts in Modern Art History program at an APU campus location?

No. You can complete your degree entirely online. No campus visits or meetings are required.

How soon can I finish this program?

This program can be completed in as little as 17–24 months.

Do I have to take the classes in a specific order?

No, you are welcome to take the classes in any order. The only exceptions are: ART 618 and ART 625, which must be taken after successful completion of 4 core courses and 4 elective courses.

For information on coursework requirements, consult the university catalog.

Is there training available for the online learning environment?

Yes. For information on how to get started using Canvas, consult the Student Resources, provided by APU’s Office of Innovative Teaching and Technology.

Should I take one or two classes per term?

Your course load is entirely up to you and depends on your work schedule and other commitments.

During what terms are classes offered?

During the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms, we offer classes during the following 8-week sessions:

  • Fall 1 (Traditional 8-Week Session 1)
  • Fall 2 (Traditional 8-Week Session 2)
  • Spring 1 (Traditional 8-Week Session 1)
  • Spring 2 (Traditional 8-Week Session 2)
  • Summer (Traditional 8-Week Session 1)

Please view the current Graduate Academic Calendar for more details.

What classes are offered this term, and what classes will you offer next term?

For the current schedule of classes, please contact the Department of Art at or (626) 815-2064.

I work full-time. Are courses offered in an asynchronous format?

Yes, the program is fully online and asynchronous in format. It is designed to accommodate those who work or teach full-time. Coursework and assignments are scheduled in a way that allows more flexibility for students.

Is financial aid available?

Several types of financial aid, ranging from federal loans and state grants, to fellowships and scholarships, are available. Learn more about the financial aid opportunities available to you. For details, contact your Student Account Specialist.

What is the online learning environment like?

Online courses at APU are taught using Canvas. For more information about this learning management system, view the Student Resources, provided by APU’s Office of Innovative Teaching and Technology.

What books will I need to purchase for my class?

Please email your course instructor directly, or contact the University Bookstore at (800) 933-1950.

Where can I find scholarly resources for my classes in this program?

Please reference the Library Guide for the M.A. in Modern Art History. Other helpful resources include the following Library Guides (LibGuides):

APU students can also request books from the University Libraries and have them delivered to your front door at no cost.

How does the M.A. in Modern Art History address religion and art history? Is the program open to students from various faith backgrounds?

Classes in the modern art history program offer many opportunities to dialogue about religion, faith, and art.

The mission of the Azusa Pacific University Department of Art is to prepare art students for a lifetime of artistic expression and to cultivate individual creativity through the study of history, technique, presentation, and social engagement, as a reflector of the creative and transformative nature of God. Learn more about the Department of Art.

Applicants should:

  • Be committed to personal, intellectual, and spiritual growth.
  • Evidence sympathetic appreciation for the standards and spirit of the university.
  • Exhibit moral character in harmony with the university’s purpose.

While APU is a distinctively Christian institution, students do not have to be Christians to be admitted. However, every student is encouraged to be open to learning about the Christian faith.

Read more about the general university requirements for graduate program applicants.

What is faith integration?

Learn more about Christian faith integration in research, teaching, and scholarship at APU through the Office of Faith Integration.

What languages do you accept for the foreign language requirement?

Before completing the M.A. program, students must demonstrate knowledge of a modern, oral foreign language.

Note: American Sign Language will not fulfill this requirement.

Refer to the current university catalog for more information on the program’s foreign language requirement.

Note: This information is current for the 2020-21 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.

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