Developing Women in the APU Community

We believe that women in our community deserve the opportunity to be supported and developed on campus as they find their identity and discover how God has uniquely created each person. While there are varied challenges encountered by women, there are so many things to celebrate about being a woman!

Our office aims to empower and equip women to be agents of change in matters such as ministry, leadership, and gender equity. Our programs, weekly discussion forums, and collaborative ventures are all designed to contribute to the education and wellness of women in the APU community. The office offers a safe and open space for students, to have honest dialogue, ask questions, be mentored or just hang out and do homework. We believe women are smart, strong, capable, educated, beautiful leaders!

Our Mission

The Office of Women’s Development is designed to provide direction, education, encouragement, and connections for women in the APU community. Women will be supported as they develop in holistic wellness, demonstrated by resilience and an increased sense of well-being. Women will be empowered to lead by their access to and interaction with the Office of Women’s Development. The commitment to Christian excellence is reflected in every aspect of the work being accomplished.