The Office of Women’s Development is open to all students, whether you are looking for information, seeking out a good conversation about gender equity, or experiencing challenging situations. Our staff is available to assist students and to help connect you with other campus resources that may also be able help, depending on your particular circumstances and needs.

APU offers many resources to assist our students emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially.

Sexual Assault Resources

View APU’s Title IX website for information on preventing and sexual assault.

Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.)

The R.A.D. program helps provide women with self defense education and training. The goal is to eliminate the general myths that women may have regarding rape and sexual assault and teach women how to avoid creating opportunities for an attacker. Women also learn basic principles of self-defense through actual live simulations.

To sign up for a class, or for more information, contact the Department of Campus Safety at (626) 815-3898 or

Physical Health

If you are in need of resources related to physical health, please contact our Student Health Center at (626) 815-2100, or the 24-hour health care line: (877) 643-5130.

Emotional and Mental Health

The University Counseling Center (UCC) provides a variety of services to our students. Please contact the UCC if you need psychological resources. The UCC provides individual counseling sessions, referrals, group counseling, and online resources.

Contact the University Counseling Center at (626) 815-2109 or email

Spiritual Health

The Office of Campus Ministry offers spiritual counseling, opportunities for spiritual mentoring, and discipleship groups for all students interested in deepening their faith and wrestling with difficult spiritual questions.

Contact the Office of Campus Ministry at (626) 815-3855 or email

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