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The primary objective of the Writing Center is to help our students become better writers. Our multidisciplinary staff is trained to serve as informed readers who can assist writers first in strengthening the global aspects of writing such as brainstorming, organization, assignment fulfillment, and integration and analysis of sources, and second in sentence-level elements such as style and usage. Our writing coaches do not proofread papers for students. Instead, we engage writers in conversation about how to clearly and effectively communicate their thoughts in a manner appropriate to their audience.

Student Referrals

The Student Referral Form (PDF) gives professors the opportunity to send students to the Writing Center for help with any aspect of the writing process—from brainstorming to revision, as well as any writing element with which they may be struggling. Consider attaching a form to a paper you are returning to a student, or giving the form to a student after class, with your suggestions for what to cover during the appointment. The form gives you the option to suggest or require a certain number of visits by a date you stipulate. After each appointment, you will receive a summary of the appointment via email.

Classroom Visits

We now offer a variety of in-class workshops. We’re happy to send our writing coaches to your classroom to provide information about the Writing Center, tips about the writing process, rules for documentation styles, and more. If you prefer to have a writing coach visit your classroom, or if you have an upcoming orientation you would like us to present at, fill out our Workshop Request Form.

Course Writing Coaches

What is a Course Writing Coach?

A course writing coach:

  • is embedded in a course to help students more easily meet faculty expectations for writing.
  • is trained by the Writing Center, meets with faculty at the beginning of the semester to understand expectations and course objectives, and holds required writing conferences with all students.
  • helps decrease student anxiety and encourages revision.
  • does not replace a teaching assistant or grade papers, but provides supplemental writing coaching to improve student papers.

What Does a Course Writing Coach Do?

A course writing coach:

  • meets with students to discuss drafts, offering constructive suggestions for revision.
  • helps faculty articulate course goals. What should the students know and be able to do by the end of the course? What habits of mind do students need to develop for the discipline? The faculty member’s goals shape feedback on writing assignments.
  • shares insights with faculty partners about strengths/weaknesses of student writing and assignment features that are working well or need clarification.
  • can conduct brief in-class presentations on a specific writing topic (e.g., generating and organizing ideas, developing thesis statements, or using sources responsibly).

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Writing Program

Learn about APU’s undergraduate writing program.

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