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Visit the Writing Center’s website dedicated to graduate writers at APU. The site is dedicated to demystifying the challenges of working and writing at the graduate level with helpful articles, tips, and advice. You’ll also find an entire section designed to make the dissertation process as smooth and painless as possible, and links to some great writing resources and recordings of our workshops. You can also read some great tips from our writing coaches on our blog.

Graduate Workshops

The following workshops have been recorded and are available on the Graduate Writing page:

Meet the Doctoral Writing Coach

Meet Tori Dalzell, Ph.D., our amazing doctoral writing coach.

How to Plan Your Dissertation

Writing a doctoral dissertation is indeed a daunting task. How do you choose a topic? How do you make the transition from undergraduate- to graduate-level research? Where do you start? Tori Dalzell, Ph.D., helps make planning your dissertation much easier in this workshop.

How to Write an Abstract

If you have been asked to write an abstract for a class project but are not sure what that is, then this workshop is for you! Tori Dalzell, Ph.D., outlines the typical parts of an abstract, then shows what these components look like in published abstracts from different disciplines. She also discusses the role abstracts play in the writing and research process.

How to use Zotero Citation Manager

Graduate school requires conducting a large amount of research. Do you have a mountain of books, journal articles, and websites you are trying to keep track of? Are you juggling multiple research projects at the same time? Manage all your sources using Zotero Citation Manager, a free tool.

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