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Azusa Pacific University

APU Conducts Groundbreaking Dead Sea Scrolls Research

APU professors and alumni participated in groundbreaking new research on the Dead Sea Scrolls, sponsored by the Museum of the Bible. The research examines 13 never-before-published Dead Sea Scroll fragments and represents four years of study. Read more

APU Election Events Inspire Unity Despite Differences

The Department of History and Political Science hosts 12 events on campus, concluding with an election night viewing party. The forums touch upon the central issues of the 2016 election, including media framing and presidential rhetoric. Read more

Christians and the General Elections: Goodness and Politics

As we think of this political season, using the word goodness could draw our political discourse in the direction of debating right and wrong. Using the word generosity, though, can lead political discussions into what is caring and helpful. Read more

Christians in the General Election: Kindness and Politics

Christians should demonstrate kindness, grace, and open-hearted hospitality, where we truly see the other person and embrace the beauty of differences rather than marginalizing or making invisible those who are different from us. Read more

Christians in the General Election: Patience and Politics

Patience involves the wisdom to know that how we conduct our activities is more important than the activities themselves. As Christ followers we should model civility and fairness in this election cycle. Read more

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