Promoting God-Honoring Diversity

God-honoring diversity is something that we value and uphold at Azusa Pacific University. Diversity was not just our idea, but God’s. Therefore, we strive to push past political correctness and aim instead for an environment that respects and honors each individual’s uniqueness while celebrating our collective commonalities. It is in this spirit that we continue important discourse on diversity, engage a variety of perspectives, and embrace active listening in a spirit of humility. We continue our efforts to recruit, hire, and support a diverse community in an effort to create a milieu that reflects the mosaic of God’s kingdom.

Kimberly B.W. Denu, Ph.D., MSW
Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer

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Diversity at APU

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  • Faculty and Students Explore Original Biblical Artifacts

    Face to face with the rare texts they had been studying and the artifacts they had only read about, Azusa Pacific students gained an extraordinary scholarly opportunity when they explored the Passages exhibit on March 19.

  • On Living and Aging: Therapeutic Touch

    Diana. Lynn Woods, Ph.D.'s, current study om Alzheimer's patients examining the effect of therapeutic touch, and the mutuality between the direct care staff in a residential facility and residents with AD.


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