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Promoting God-Honoring Diversity

The Office of Diversity serves as a campus resource for conducting ongoing assessment of God-honoring diversity as stated in the Academic Vision 2022. It initiates campus-wide assessment regarding the recognition and valuing of structural and interactional diversity, faculty and student scholarly development in diversity, funding, and evaluation for structural and interactional diversity. It ensures that effective strategies to meet those needs are implemented. This includes, but is not limited to, the creation and implementation of data collection tools, the creation of an annual institutional audit, providing leadership institutionally, and providing institutional resourcing for God-honoring diversity curricular development.

News & Features

Office of Diversity

  • A Voice for the Arts

    A rising figure in classical opera and the broader musical arts, Darnell Abraham ’09 believes in the power of the arts to transform people and communities.

Elsewhere at APU

  • The Healing Power of Humor

    Jerry Duprez '75, Ph.D., wrote a humorous memoir chronicling his struggle with testicular cancer, affirming his belief that laughter and hope are the best medicine.

  • Pew Offers GRE, GMAT Training Opportunities

    The Pew College Society at APU offers training opportunities for the GRE and GMAT, exams required for admission to many graduate programs.

  • Honors College Implements Comprehensive Curriculum

    APU's Honors College launches a new curriculum that seeks to recover the wisdom of the Christian tradition, instill moral and intellectual virtue, and reclaim the classical quest for truth, beauty, and goodness.