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Azusa Pacific University

Tina Ellison: Driven to Serve

At Azusa Pacific University’s core are faculty and staff members committed to serving their community with a spirit of care and authenticity. Exemplifying this calling, is APU trolley driver Tina Ellison. Read more

Alumna at the Capitol: Alexis Leicht '16 Earns Fellowship

For a political science student, working in the California State Legislature directly following graduation sounds too good to be true. Not so for APU alumna Alexis Leicht, ‘16. Read more

Mexico Outreach Commissions Students to Mexicali

Mexico Outreach is a long-standing tradition at APU, deeply cherished among students and alumni. Mobilizing students and local churches since 1970, this spring's trip runs from March 4-10 and involves approximately 250 APU students. Read more

APU's Luchy Binet Guerra Honored by Dodgers

Luchy Binet Guerra, executive assistant to the executive vice president, recently received an unexpected honor from her former employer, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Read more

But You Don't Look Sick

Throughout Disability Awareness Week, various activities take place to inspire conversations on the topic of disability and remind the community that each student possesses unique abilities and perspectives that are greater than their impairments. Read more

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