Diversity Ambassadors Transform Campus from Within

The Diversity Ambassadors Program empowers and educates faculty and staff on diversity-related issues so that program participants can use this knowledge to spark change by fostering cultural awareness within their own areas of the university.Read more


Called to the Table

For the restaurant owner, server, or chef, much satisfaction comes from overcoming the many obstacles to create something extraordinary. These individual narratives are nourished by all those called to the table.Read more

APU Introduces Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Azusa Pacific University’s School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences recently launched a Bachelor of Science in Psychology that equips students to understand human behavior and provides a solid foundation in the field.Read more

Fulbright Music Faculty Teaches in France

L’Université Paris-Sorbonne invited Kimasi Browne, Ph.D., director of ethnomusicology and music research, to share his expertise in Paris in the company of some of France’s most gifted musicians and musicologists. Read more

Shaping the Future of Faith and Politics

“The integration of faith and learning is a unique strength of Christian universities that must be preserved. Where else can young people, learn that it is not what you are becoming but who you are becoming that matters?”Read more

Take the Sabbath Challenge

In the midst of living in a non-stop world, what would it mean to not work for one day a week? Are you willing to step out of the rhythm of our culture and into God’s rhythm for the day? Take the Sabbath challenge.Read more

Understanding Religious Freedom

Religious liberty has often been described as our most important right—our “first freedom.” We can model reverence for religious freedom by extending tolerance to others, and defending the constitutional rights of minority faiths. Read more

Jesus' Tomb Uncovered

For the first time in centuries, Jesus' burial place has been uncovered. APU's Robert Mullins, Ph.D., shares historical insight about the most holy site in the Christian world.Read more


Why Chapel?

Hosted on both campuses, chapel provides students a built in break allowing for spiritual rest amidst the rigor and demands of college life. With six chapels to choose from, students can find a chapel that resonates with them. Read more

APU Conducts Groundbreaking Dead Sea Scrolls Research

APU professors and alumni participated in groundbreaking new research on the Dead Sea Scrolls, sponsored by the Museum of the Bible. The research examines 13 never-before-published Dead Sea Scroll fragments and represents four years of study.Read more

APU Election Events Inspire Unity Despite Differences

The Department of History and Political Science hosts 12 events on campus, concluding with an election night viewing party. The forums touch upon the central issues of the 2016 election, including media framing and presidential rhetoric. Read more


Christians in the General Election

Each Monday leading up to the November election, Azusa Pacific will publish a message on the fruit of the Spirit written by an APU community member about how to approach political engagement. Read more

Maged Gerges: Serving God by Serving Meals

From leaving his home country of Egypt and beginning a new life in the United States, to starting his own cooking TV show and transforming APU’s Dining Hall with his leadership, Maged Gerges embraces change and sees possibilities in the challenges.Read more


For Coffee and Company

Located within a six-mile radius of Azusa Pacific University are four extraordinary coffee shops where you can usually find APU students studying or gathered in community.Read more

Building Advantage

Jan Meyer ’14 exemplifies the ideal match of student to institution. With a bachelor’s degree and two years of tennis eligibility remaining, he continues his education and playing, rising to the top of the NCAA Division II tennis world. Read more

Going on a Soul Quest

SoulQuest is APU’s spiritual care ministry for graduate and professional students where the ‘ministry of presence,’ is more important than words, and Chaplains are free to minister, bringing spiritual care alive.Read more

Mentoring: A Journey of Compassion and Kind Curiosity

A mentoring relationship, has stimulated T. Scott Bledsoe, Psy.D.'s ability to promote self-confidence and diversity awareness with clients; and in class, teaching students important lessons about honoring differences in the therapy environment.Read more


On Living and Aging: Therapeutic Touch

Diana. Lynn Woods, Ph.D.'s, current study om Alzheimer's patients examining the effect of therapeutic touch, and the mutuality between the direct care staff in a residential facility and residents with AD. Read more

APU Hosts National Nursing Theory Conference

Azusa Pacific hosted the national Nursing Theory Conference which gathered the pioneers of nursing theory enabling educators, practitioners, and researchers to network with one another, and discuss theoretical thinking on health policy. Read more

Archeological Teams Uncover Biblical City

Robert A. Mullins, Ph.D., and Nava Panitz-Cohen, Ph.D., lead teams to revisit the Abel Beth Maacah region, to add fresh insight into ancient civilizations and contribute valuable data to the collective body of biblical and historical knowledge. Read more

Full Circle

For Diana Faatai, Ed.D.’16, work has come full circle as she transforms policies and classroom instruction throughout the same school district where she began her education journey.Read more

Community Business

Tapping into this symbiotic relationship between communities and small businesses, 2 APU professors, 39 undergraduate, and 8 graduate students rallied to support a struggling local business last fall. Read more


Huddled Masses

For those displaced by violence and turmoil, Chancellor Angela Merkel is affectionately known as “Mama Merkel.” Like orphans, they have come seeking a forever home in her country. Read more

A Family Affair

Many families send multiple students to Azusa Pacific because they witness sons and daughters, brothers and sisters undergo a purposeful and holistic transformation that begins on day one and permeates every aspect of living and learning at APU. Read more


Spotting Potential

Camille Endacott--Ronald Outstanding Senior--is an APU graduate who exhibits excellent academic achievement and exemplary character.Read more

Congratulations, Class of 2016!

More than 2,100 Azusa Pacific graduates participated in commencement exercises on May 7, marking this significant education milestone and joining APU’s broad network of 51,000+ alumni and difference makers.Read more

A Story of Community

Charles Johns '95 directs the youth programs staff and operations at MACC Development, an organization meeting the needs of an underprivileged east Detroit neighborhood. “We have become a family,” said Johns. Read more

Wounds into Wisdom

Jolyn Davidson earned a degree in clinical social work and a Master of Arts in Student Development at APU. Today, she draws on this rich background to journey with clients, helping them change attitudes that negatively affect their lives.Read more

Packing a Powerful Punch

Guillotine, hammerfist, and arm bar. These terms may sound like medieval torture techniques to some, but for Branden Ware ’04, founder of West Coast Fighting Championship, a mixed martial arts promotion organization, they mean big business.Read more


Care in the Final Moments

Sitting alone in a hospital next to her mother’s bedside, Bonnie Freeman, RN, DNP ’13, knew she had found her calling. Freeman comes alongside cancer patients as a supportive care nurse practitioner at the City of Hope National Medical Center.Read more

How to Find Scholarships

With rising tuition rates, financing a college education can seem daunting for many individuals and families. That’s where scholarships can help. Here are a few tips for finding college scholarships.Read more

Gospel Sing Celebrates 25 Years

On February 6, 2016, the 25th Annual Gospel Sing, sponsored by the Student Center for Reconciliation and Diversity, drew more than 1,000 people from APU, the local community, and churches throughout Los Angeles to the Felix Event Center. Read more

Award-Winning Play Explores Darwin’s Humanity

While best known for his work, most are not familiar with Charles Darwin as a human being. CREV hosts playwright Murray Watts' acclaimed one-man production *Mr. Darwin’s Tree* on Tuesday, April 28 in the Black Box Theater. Read more

No Excuses

She had every reason to make excuses. Instead, Sydney Bello ’17, a deaf girl who forged her way through public schools in four cities, chose to focus on the positive, excel at her favorite sport... Read more


Athletic Training: The New Generation

Outside the realm of sports, athletic trainers serve and protect people in countless industries. In May 2017, APU’s first graduate cohort of athletic training students will receive their degrees, ready to safeguard people of all fields.Read more

World-Changing Startups

“What if the Church became the human incubator for the world’s best future?” asked pastor Erwin McManus. This seed became Wayfare coworking space and Wayfare Labs in Costa Mesa, examples of Christ-following entrepreneurship.Read more

Cougar Interview—Darryl Qualls ’96

Darryl Qualls ’96, chief deputy for the Pasadena Police Department, uses his upbringing in the town he serves today as his heart and soul to promote racial reconciliation between the police and his community.Read more

Bringing Change to the Table

As founding executive director for the Institute for Responsible Nutrition (IRN), Wolfram Alderson ’04's latest endeavor brings him full circle to his passion for creating change that uplifts others.Read more

The Gospel for All

As president and CEO of the American Bible Society, a world leader in Bible engagement, distribution, and translation, Roy Peterson, M.A. ’99, Litt.D., works to ensure that every person has access to God’s Word.Read more


Why You Should Visit College Campuses

When it comes to deciding where to go to college, every student wants to be sure of the choice they are making. Visiting college campuses is an important step in choosing the best school for your education journey.Read more

Serving Those Who Serve

Active duty may be behind him, but for Andrew Montes '15, a new chapter of service is just beginning, as he pursues a career to assist veterans in need.Read more

The Global Servant

Daniel Chetti '76, Ph.D., as a professor at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Lebanon, views history in the making. Read more

Positive Assist

LyDell Cardwell ’15 grew up on the rough streets of East Palo Alto, California. Cardwell had every opportunity to get mixed up with violence, gangs, and negativity, but he didn’t.Read more


Called to Disciple

Azusa Pacific University's hallmark fusion of academic rigor and personal care is a powerful combination that many secular schools lack.Read more

Cinema Alumni Produce Award-winning Short

Alumni film “Luiseño”, a short based on the Temecula Valley Massacre of 1847, was named Best Student Film last August at the eighth annual Trinity International Film Festival in Detroit, where it competed with more than 1,000 submissions.Read more

Why College Is Worth the Cost

Each year, students and parents dive into the college search process, comparing schools and costs, loans and scholarships, questioning, is a college degree worth the cost? Yes, it is.Read more