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Photo of George Babbes, Ph.D.

George Babbes, Ph.D.

Phone: (626) 815-3820
Fax: (626) 815-3802
George Babbes, Ph.D., teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in strategic marketing, strategy and planning, and managerial economics. A professor since 1981, he also frequently presents at national professional conferences. Babbes’ professional experience includes serving on the board of Teen Mania, consultation, and product/brand managing for major corporations such as Procter & Gamble and Oral-B Laboratories. Babbes has received several academic fellowships and grants, and his interests include Christian business praxis, brand management, and strategy and measurement. He is a member of professional societies such as the Christian Business Faculty Association, the American Marketing Association, and the Association for Consumer Research.


Ph.D., Marketing, University of California, Berkeley
M.A., Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary
MBA, Marketing, University of Pennsylvania
B.S., Accounting, University of California Berkeley


  • School of Business and Management
    • Graduate Programs
    • Undergraduate Programs


  • Blending and Conceptual Metaphor Theory
  • Christian Business Praxis
  • Management Decision Making
  • New Products/Brand Managment
  • Strategy and Measurement

Courses Taught

BUSI 521 – Managerial Economics
BUSI 527 – Marketing Strategy
BUSI 578 – Strategy and Planning
BUSI 450 – Strategic Management

Professional/Scholarly Presentations

Babbes, G. & Zigarelli, M. (2004, October). Putting the balanced scorecard to work in your church. Paper presented for the Christian Business Faculty Association Conference, San Antonio, Texas.

Babbes, G. & Labroo, A. (2003). The Influence of audio, verbal, and visual primes on repeated bidding behavior during an online auction. Paper presented at the Society for Consumer Psychology Winter Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Babbes, G. & Labroo, A. (2000). Below the radar effect of incidental cues on consumer choice. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Society for Judgment and Decision Making, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Babbes, G. & Labroo, A. (1999). Below the radar: Effects of incidental language and music on consumer behavior. Paper presented at the Cognitive Studies Graduate Student Research Forum, Ithaca, New York.

Babbes, G. (1998). The use and influence of metaphor-based framing in consumer advertising. Paper presented at the Northeast Universities Consortium, Boston, Massachusettes.

Babbes, G. & Glazer, R. (2004). The power and peril of metaphor-based mental models in new product decision making.  Under review at Journal of Marketing Research.

Babbes, G. & Aaker, D. (2004). The pervasiveness and primacy of conceptual metaphor in advertising. Manuscript to be sent to Journal of Consumer Research.

Babbes, G. & Aaker, D. (2004). Metaphor-based framing in consumer memory and cognition. Under review at Journal of Consumer Research.

Babbes, G. (2002). Ministries mired in mediocrity. Regent Business Review, 2, 13-14.

Professional Experience

Industry Experience
Group Product Manager, Oral-B Laboratories, The Gillette Company, 1992-93

Chair, Marketing, Graduate School of Business, Regent University, 2003-04

Professional Involvement and Accomplishments

Honors, Awards, Recognition
Master Instructor Program, Regent University, 2003-04
Faculty Research Grant, Regent University, 2003
Outstanding New Course Development/Teaching, Cornell University, 1998
Winner, Marketing Science Institute’s Clayton Dissertation, Proposal Competition, 1996
Fellow, American Marketing Association Doctoral Consortium, 1996
Marketing Science Institute Research Grant (Project #4-979), 1996
Winner, American Psychological Association Creativity Conference Paper Competition, 1995
Joe Schoong Fellowship, University of California, Berkeley, 1989
Winner, Procter & Gamble "Promotions That Work" (international competition), 1989

Associations, Boards, Committees
Association for Consumer Research Society for Judgment and Decision Making American Marketing Association Christian Business Faculty Association Christian Management Association American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Office Hours

By appointment

Office Location

Wilden Hall, Room 221, East Campus