University Passage

We desire to be a community that is shaped by the Word of God. One of the ways we try to be attentive to God is by committing, as a university, to the study of a single passage of Scripture for an entire year. We spend the year studying the context of the passage, thinking about its implications, striving to live it out, and often memorizing it. This passage is engaged in chapel, in the classroom, in staff meetings, on sports teams, in board meetings, in D-Groups, on leadership teams—literally across the campus.

Faculty, staff, and students seek God’s wisdom for the selection of this passage. The entire community is invited to make recommendations, and each year hundreds of recommendations are received by the Office of the Campus Pastors. A team of faculty, staff, and students from all parts of campus come together to review the recommendations and to pray about where God might be leading us.

2014–2015 University Passage

For the 2014–15 academic year, the university will be studying the eight I AM statements found in the Gospel of John. We would love to have you join us in our campus-wide study of these passages.

These statements will guide our discovery of the identity of Christ. Each responds to a human need, which is met through our relationship to and identity in Christ. We believe our study will enhance our insight into what it truly means to be a disciple and scholar advancing God’s work in today’s world. We encourage you to consider committing these passages to memory over the next few months, discussing them with a friend, praying through the passages, and watching for what God might want to do in your life through this significant piece of Scripture.

I AM Statements from the Gospel of John

I am the bread of life (text: 6:35; context: 6:25-51).

I am the light of the world (text: 8:12; 9:5; context: 8:12–20; 9:1–41).

Before Abraham was, I am (text: 8:58; context: 8:31–59).

I am the gate for the sheep (text: 10:7; context: 10:1–18).

I am the good shepherd (text: 10:11,14); context: 10:1–18).

I am the resurrection and the life (text: 11:25; context: 11:1–44).

I am the way, and the truth, and the life (text: 14:6; context: 14:1–11).

I am the true vine (text: 15:1; context: 15:1–11).