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Safety Awareness and Crime Prevention

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Citizen Contacts

As part of our efforts to facilitate safety on campus, it occasionally becomes necessary for Campus Safety Officers to approach members of the university community and ask for information. If an officer approaches someone, it does not necessarily indicate that the person is a suspect. Cooperation in these interviews, usually by simply providing your name and proof of Azusa Pacific University affiliation, assists the Department of Campus Safety in promoting a safe and secure environment. We make every effort to be as sensitive and courteous as possible.

If you are approached by an officer, you can expect that the interview will be conducted courteously and that the questioning will be as brief as possible.

Safety Awareness Programs

Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) Program

R.A.D. is one of the most popular safety programs on campus and is offered throughout the school year. R.A.D. covers many sexual assault issues, including post-incident care, on- and off-campus victim services, and full-contact simulations.

For more information, visit the R.A.D. Program page.

Whistle Program

This free service is available to all female students, faculty, and staff; however, men can participate as well. Contact Campus Safety to receive a whistle. Note: A $250 fine applies for misuse of the whistle.

Avoid Victimization

Here are a few quick tips for personal safety and property security:

If you are the victim of, or witness to a crime on campus, please report it immediately to the Department of Campus Safety.

Although an increase in crime is not anticipated, be aware that crime will inevitably occur on campus and your prevention efforts may help reduce criminal activity.

Safety is everyone's business. Be cautious, careful, and alert to reduce the risk of theft or incidents that might compromise their safety.

Stay Safe at College Videos

These “Stay Safe at College” videos aim to help students take more responsibility for their personal safety on and around campus. The videos are comprehensive, captivating and compelling, relevant and real, and easy to follow. We encourage everyone in the APU community to view them.

The videos are broken into eight chapters. Just click on the topic of interest to view it in iTunes U. (To download Apple iTunes, go to

  1. Introduction
  2. Protecting Your Possessions and Identity
  3. Sexual Assault
  4. Controlling Behavior
  5. Stalking
  6. Everyday Safety
  7. Common Sense Defense
  8. Safe Travel