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Azusa Pacific University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides innovative programs in the humanities, arts, and social and natural sciences.

Housing 9 academic departments, the college offers 21 undergraduate majors and 3 master’s degrees. Whether you’re seeking an English major, a history major or math and physics major, or a liberal studies or science degree, APU offers an exceptional liberal arts college experience.

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Being a Sociology major at APU has transformed the way I view myself, society, and God. Professors, classmates, and reading have challenged me to ask important questions I would have otherwise never been confronted with, giving me a valuable experience I never expected as well as deepening my faith.”
Sesalli Castillo ’12

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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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  • ZuVenturez: Swimming with the Sharks

    Azusa Pacific University's ZuVenturez returns as striving entrepreneurs pitch their business plans to venture capitalists in this student version of Shark Tank.

  • Four-Star General to Speak on Leadership Communication

    General Roger A. Brady (Ret.), former commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe, will become the first four-star general in history to speak at Azusa Pacific University Wednesday, Oct. 22, at 2:45 p.m. in Munson Chapel.