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Course Requirements


The department reviews each applicant’s file and may assign prerequisites as deemed necessary for successful participation in the IT master's degree.

  1. Prerequisites may be satisfied through appropriate coursework. The following prerequisites are minimal and can be satisfied in Azusa Pacific University’s classes or other transferrable classes:
    • A course in introductory computer concepts (Can be met by taking CS 120 Computer Literacy or CS 205 Microcomputer Software Tools.)
    • Excellent working knowledge of various uses of a computer, at least two computer programming languages, a word processing package, a database package (e.g., Access), in-depth skill and knowledge of a spreadsheet application, and other operating systems (Can be met by taking CS 205 Microcomputer Software Tools.)
    • Additional prerequisites as assigned by the department chair based on applicant’s need as determined by department review of applicants records.
  2. Lack of Prerequisites:
    Students who do not possess the above prerequisites must wait for the next cohort. A portfolio that demonstrates expertise in the assigned prerequisite area may be submitted as proof of competency. These prerequisites must be satisfied prior to admittance into the program unless given approval by department chair.
  3. International applicants should review requirements listed in the English Proficiency Requirements section of this catalog.

Transfer Credit and Course Substitutions

Up to 6 semester units of acceptable graduate transfer credit may be allowed if approved by the department. Also, in the event that a student demonstrates knowledge of a specific course sufficient to bypass that course, an alternate graduate course may be substituted with department approval.

Course Requirements

A minimum of 36 semester units is required to complete this program. The MSIT program is designed for the full-time student. A full-time student is defined as one who takes two courses every 9-week term. Four 9-week terms (27 units) can be taken in a traditional academic school year. With all courses taken in session, the entire MSIT program can be completed in 19 months. Only full-time students are accepted into the MSIT program. All units of credit offered at Azusa Pacific University are semester units.

Computer Requirements

To maintain a consistent and current level of instruction, each student is required to utilize a computer equipped with current operating systems, the latest version of Internet browser, and Microsoft Office.

Course Attendance and Schedule

The collaborative learning process that characterizes the MSIT program requires that students are prepared to contribute value to class discussions and to the broader learning community based on their experiences. As such, class attendance is an important aspect of commitment to the program. Absences from class are not appropriate except in cases of emergency.

Students should make note of the start and end of the term as they determine their travel plans. Because the program coursework is offered in accelerate nine-week sessions, students generally cannot miss more than two classes without retaking the course. Students should notify instructors of planned absences as soon as possible and make arrangements with other students to get notes/assignments.

Also, since every instructor considers participation in grading, absences and tardiness may significantly affect final grades.

Information Technology, M.S. (online) Requirements36 units
MSIT 515
Operating Systems
MSIT 520
Microcomputer Hardware Technologies
MSIT 525
Database Systems
MSIT 530
Networking and Data Communications
MSIT 535
Software Engineering
MSIT 540
Client/Server Applications Development
MSIT 545
Local Area Networks
MSIT 550
Security Engineering
MSIT 555
Graphical User Interfaces
MSIT 560
JAVA Programming
MSIT 565
Advanced Database Systems
MSIT 570
Web Programming

Grades of C or better are required. Receiving a letter grade of C- and below is considered a failing grade, and the course must be repeated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of computer and Internet connection do I need?
In order to make the most of your online learning experience, your computer and Internet connection should fulfill APU's online course technical requirements.

How often do I need to be online for the online program?
You must be online sufficiently throughout each week to participate in threaded discussions and to complete all assignments by their designated deadlines. However, there is no prescribed amount of time that you will be required to be online because assignments and their deadlines will vary with each course.

Are scholarships available?
Several types of financial aid, ranging from federal loans and state grants, to fellowships and scholarships, are available. Learn more about the financial aid opportunities available to you.

How do I get started?
Online programs may include requirements, procedures, and policies unique to the university's more traditional programs. For more information on how to get started in an APU online program, please contact one of our recruitment counselors at (800) 825-5278 or at

Note: This information is current for the 2013-14 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.