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Photo of Lawrence 'Ray' McCormick, Ph.D.

Lawrence 'Ray' McCormick, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Communication Studies
Phone: (626) 815-6000, Ext. 3488
Ray McCormick, PhD., has been serving Azusa Pacific University and the Department of Communication Studies for over twenty years, teaching rhetorical theory, communication theory, rhetorical criticism, and senior seminar. His areas of research center on the junction of religious discourse, rhetorical theory, and argumentation with emphasis on evangelism, apologetics, preaching, and cultural engagement. He is active in the National Communication Association as well as the Religious Communication Association.


Ph.D. – University of Southern California
M.Div. – Reformed Theological Seminary
M.A. – California State University, Long Beach
B.A. - California State University, Long Beach


  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    • Communication Studies


  • Argumentation
  • Religious Discourse
  • Rhetorical Theory

Courses Taught

COMM 201 – Introduction to Communication Studies
COMM 203 – Communication Theory
COMM 302 – Rhetorical Theory
COMM 496 – Senior Seminar: Ethics in Human Communication
COMM 111 – Public Communication

Professional/Scholarly Presentations

McCormick, Ray. "The Role of Biblical Tests in Disputes of Authority, Apologetics, and Social Order," presentede at the Religious Communication Association, San Antonio

McCormick, Ray. "Reaching Out From the Pulpit: Four Noteworthy Preachers Test the Generic Constraints of the Sermon," presented at the Religious Communication Association, Miami

McCormick, Ray. "James Henley Thornwell and the Metaphysical Confederacy: The Dysfunctional Relationship of Theology and a Proslavery Society," presented at the Religious Communication Association, Boston

McCormick, Ray. "Evangelism, Apologetics, and Reconstitutive Rhetoric: A Search for a Point of Contact and Identification," presented at the National Communication Association, Chicago.

McCormick, Ray. "Creating the 'New Persona': Constituting and Reconstituting a Christian Rhetoric," presented at the the National Communication Association, Miami

Professional Involvement and Accomplishments

Associations, Boards, Committees
National Communication Association
Religious Communication Association
Member of the Independent California College and University Faculty Association