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Department of History and Political Science

  • Recovering the Evangelism in Evangelical

    Amy Black, Ph.D., author and professor of political science at Wheaton College, addressed APU with her lecture, “Evangelicals and American Politics: Obstacles and Opportunities,” stressing that evangelical identity needs to be rooted in Christ.

  • Jason L. Riley - The State Against Blacks: A Report Card on Government Aid

    Jason L. Riley
    Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
    Columnist for the Wall Street Journal

    The Koch Lecture Series and the Association for the Study of Free Institutions present:

    "The State Against Blacks: A Report Card on Government Aid"

    From the 1960s Great Society to the Obama Era, dozens of federal aid programs have...

  • Faculty Notes: Abbylin H. Sellers, Ph.D.

    Learn more about Sellers' recent presentation.

  • Assemblymember Inspires Students of Color to Lead

    As part of its effort to deepen and extend its relationships with elected officials, Azusa Pacific University invited California State Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer to campus to inspire students of color to lead.

Elsewhere at APU

  • Why La La Land Matters

    APU film and theater experts discuss the acclaim of La La Land, Damien Chazzele’s vibrant, dreamlike musical, and this year’s top grossing Oscar-nominated movie.