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  • Applied Math
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Secondary Math Education



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Mathematics, B.A./B.S.

APU’s Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in mathematics prepares students to become quantitative experts in government, industry, non-profits, and schools. A mathematics major provides the best undergraduate preparation for careers in finance and banking, statistics and data analysis, actuarial science and risk management, and operations research and management consulting. Employment in mathematics-related occupations is expected to grow by 28 percent over the next 10 years (compared to an overall growth in the workforce of 7 percent), as “businesses and government agencies continue to emphasize the use of big data” (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Students may tailor the remainder of the curriculum to their intended profession using one of three tracks: applied math, pure mathematics, or secondary math education. In addition, students may choose between either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. Both degrees have the same mathematics requirements, which include a balance of pure and applied mathematics, but the B.S. degree requires a minor in physics, chemistry, or computer science. Students have the option to take advantage of the CSET waiver for the secondary math education track.

Internship opportunities offer students experience with institutions such as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA) and Northrop Grumman Corporation. Mathematics majors leave APU equipped to put mathematical expertise to practical use to help organizations make informed, intelligent decisions and solve complex problems.

Pathway from Education to Vocation

Download the Mathematics Major Brochure to learn more about APU’s pathway from education to vocation, including graduate school and career opportunities.

Mathematics Major Brochure (PDF)

Is This Major Right for You?

You’re a mathematics major if you:

  • Enjoy numbers, puzzles, and mental challenges.
  • Are thorough and detail oriented.
  • Enjoy problem solving and logical reasoning.
  • Embrace mental challenges

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Note: This information is current for the 2015-16 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.