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  • Academic General Petition (PDF)
    Use this form to request an exception to an academic policy.
  • Degree Verification Letter (PDF)
    Use this form to request a letter verifying the graduate degree you received from the university.
  • Diploma Re-Order Form (PDF)
    Use this form to order additional diplomas.
  • Enrollment Activity Form (PDF)
    Use this form to enroll, drop, or withdraw from a course and/or from the university.
  • Enrollment Verification Form (PDF)
    Use this form to request verification of classes in which you are currently enrolled or have attended in the past.
  • Graduate Incomplete Form (PDF)
    Only upon recommendation from your instructor, use this form to request an incomplete grade due to special student circumstances.
  • Independent Study/Course Tutorial Application (PDF)
    Use this form to request Independent Study or Course Tutorial for subject areas not covered in regular course offerings or offered in a limited capacity.
  • In-School Deferment Request Form (PDF)
    Use this U.S. Department of Education form to request your loan holder defer the repayment of loans.
  • Intent to Commence and/or Graduate Form (Digital)
    Use this form to notify the registrar that you will be completing your degree and/or plan to participate in commencement exercises for the current term, fall or spring.
  • Name/Address Change Form (PDF)
    Use this form to officially change name and address information in your Student Center.
  • Transcript Request
    Use this link for fast and convenient online transcript ordering through the National Student Clearinghouse.
  • Student Leave of Absence Form (PDF)
    Use this form to apply for a one-time leave of absence from your program.
  • Substitution and Transfer Credit Request Form (PDF)
    Use this form to request transfer credit for a course taken at another institution to become part of your cumulative APU record, or for an APU substitution of a specific requirement within your degree program.

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