Frequently Asked Questions

What is the university's credit card policy?

Effective July 1, 2014, Azusa Pacific University will no longer accept credit card payments for any charge appearing on the student account, including tuition and fees. For more information about this decision and other payment options, read our Credit Card Policy FAQs (PDF).

Do I need an interview for graduate program admission?

Some graduate programs require an interview while some do not. Consult the current graduate catalog for the program you are interested in to see if an interview is required for that program.

How long does the letter to the dean have to be and what does it entail?

The letter to the dean is typically 3-5 paragraphs, indicating your interest in pursuing graduate education and specific goals you have in mind for yourself that will be accomplished by completing a graduate program at APU.

How will I be notified when I am admitted to APU?

The Office of Graduate Admissions in the Graduate and Professional Center notifies students of their admission status. A letter is sent when a) a program acceptance decision has been received from the department and the student is admitted to the university, or b) the applicant does not meet minimum university admission requirements and is denied admission.

Is graduate student housing available?

Yes, the university has several complexes that are open to graduate students as well as non-students. More information is available from the APU Office of Asset Management.

What constitutes full-time vs. part-time as a graduate student?

To be classified as a full-time graduate student at the master's or credential level, one must be enrolled in at least nine units (credits) per 15-week term (or combination of 15-week and 9-week terms within the same semester); at the doctorate level, six units. Comparable requirements for half-time status for 15-week semesters are five to eight units, and three units at the doctoral level.

With certain restrictions, students at the dissertation level are considered full time if enrolled in any one of the following courses:

Students in the Ed.D. Program who work full time may not enroll in more than seven units. Students in the Clinical Psychology Program qualify for full-time status by taking at least seven units per 15-week semester and four to six units for half-time status.

What are the registration deadlines?

Registration deadlines can be found by visiting the Graduate Academic Calendar or at the Graduate and Professional Center.