Graduate Student Health Insurance

Student health insurance is an optional benefit for all non-international graduate students and is purchased through the Graduate and Professional Center at the current health fee. Benefits are provided by United Healthcare and customer support is provided through Gallagher Koster. Graduate students go through Gallagher Koster to find a doctor and receive services through a PPO physician in their area.

Graduate international students receive services through the APU Student Health Center.

Graduate student health insurance is:

  • Mandatory for international students on APU I-20s or DS 2019.
  • Optional for all other graduate students.

Enrolling in Graduate Student Health Insurance

Graduate students must enroll for health insurance through the Graduate and Professional Center and cannot enroll directly with Gallagher Koster or United Healthcare.

Open enrollment for student health insurance is the same as the open enrollment activity period for the student’s graduate courses.

It must be renewed in both the fall and spring terms, which means graduate students must submit a new request for health insurance in both the fall and spring in order to have continuous coverage.

The current health fee will appear as a charge on the student’s account, which can be viewed at

How to Sign Up

Complete the Graduate Health Insurance Request Form online.

Graduate students with questions about enrolling in student health insurance or the current health fee should contact the Graduate and Professional Center at (626) 815-4570.

Eligibility and Coverage Period

Graduate students must be enrolled at least part-time according to their program of admittance during the session for which they want insurance. Graduate students who drop below part-time status will forfeit their health insurance for that session.

Specific coverage dates are year specific and will be published prior to each fall and spring.

The Office of Human Resources is the primary liaison with the insurance carrier, and provides the roster of graduate students who have enrolled in student health insurance. Students may begin using their health insurance benefit on the coverage start date listed above. If a student must use their benefit before the insurance carrier receives the roster, then it is up to the student to contact Gallagher Koster and ask them to either hold the claim or arrange for reimbursement since the coverage will be backdated to the start of the term.

Graduate students with questions about eligibility, coverage period, requests for exceptions to health insurance deadlines, or cancellations should contact:

Office of Human Resources
Brian Gleason
(626) 815-4525

Coverage Benefits

The following is a general overview of the basic coverage that student health insurance provides:

  • In-network office visits are covered at 100 percent of preferred allowance after a $25 copayment.
  • There is a $150 deductible for preferred providers. The deductible is $300 for out-of-network providers.
  • Covered medical expenses for preferred providers are payable at 80 percent of preferred allowance (student pays 20 percent), and out-of-network benefits are payable at 60 percent of usual and customary charges (student pays 40 percent).
  • Prescription benefits include partial coverage of both preferred and out-of-network pharmacies.
  • The preventative services benefit includes annual physicals, OB/GYN exams, routine screenings, and immunizations covered at 100 percent with no copayment or deductible through preferred providers only.

Contact Gallagher Koster for a plan brochure with details about coverage, limitations, and exclusions.

Upon enrolling, graduate students should establish a regular system of care with a PPO physician in their area. (International students, see below.) Gallagher Koster provides direct customer service with many resources and representatives available online or by phone. As a final confirmation of enrollment, students will receive a policy brochure and membership card mailed to them.

Gallagher Koster Online Services

Note: Graduate students must sign up for health insurance through the Graduate and Professional Center; direct enrollment with Gallagher Koster is only available for dependents or dental coverage.

Graduate students with questions regarding coverage benefits, membership cards, finding a doctor, deductibles, processing a claim, enrolling dependents, dental insurance, and all other coverage-related questions should contact:

Gallagher Koster
(800) 406-4517

Dental Insurance

Any insured student can request supplemental dental coverage. Enrollment and payment for dental insurance is completed through Gallagher Koster.


Any insured student can request to insure his/her spouse or dependents. Enrollment and payment for dependent insurance is completed through Gallagher Koster.

International Student Health Insurance

All full-time international students holding an immigration document from Azusa Pacific University (I-20 or DS 2019) are required to purchase APU international health insurance.* This policy meets the U.S. government requirement for health insurance for international students.

Graduate international students receive health services through the Student Health Center on the Azusa campus.

Note: International students do not need to sign up for health insurance through the Graduate Health Insurance Request Form, as they are automatically signed up by APU’s International Center.

*This rule does not apply for those studying in a non-standard term graduate program (i.e., intensive graduate programs—D.Min., Ed.D., TESOL). These students are required to have health insurance to study in the U.S. and are responsible for purchasing appropriate coverage prior to arrival in the U.S. If the individual wishes to purchase APU international health insurance, it is only available in six-month minimum increments.