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College Scholarship Search

Identify financial resources for college by conducting a free college scholarship search at scholarships.com. Scholarships, sweepstakes, and contests are available from $5,000-$10,000 and opportunities change each month.

Internet’s Largest Scholarship Search

More than 600,000 scholarships and $1 billion in aid are available. Applicants must search online at fastweb.com. This is a free search. Information about any of the education awards listed may be obtained from Chris Zeilenga, director of student services, School of Education and Behavioral Studies.

Sallie Mae Scholarship Search

Sallie Mae offers one of the largest scholarship search engines available—3 million scholarships worth more than $16 billion. Visit salliemae.com/scholarships to start your scholarship search today.

Tuition Search

Find $24.3 billion in scholarships online at findtuition.com.

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Disclaimer: Graduate Student Financial Services has performed the initial research to verify the accuracy of the outside scholarship information contained on this page; however, information can change without notification. We encourage you to visit the scholarship organizations’ websites for detailed and updated information and apply at your own discretion. APU’s positions may differ from the positions of the scholarship organizations, and APU does not necessarily endorse or support those positions.