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Health Insurance

Health insurance is available to all APU students. What follows is basic information for undergraduate students.

Our student accident and health insurance plan is provided by United Healthcare. For more information, visit, click on “College & University Students and Scholars," and select “Azusa Pacific University” from the dropdown menu.

Insurance cards usually arrive about four weeks into the semester, and should be produced by the student when having testing done of any kind or seeing a provider outside of the Student Health Center.

Undergraduate Students

Health insurance is:

Undergraduate and international graduate students must use the resources at the Student Health Center where treatment will be administered or referral issued.

Graduate Students

Appointments in the Student Health Center are reserved for graduate international students only. All other graduate students who have enrolled in health insurance receive services through a PPO provider in their area.

For more information on graduate student health insurance, how to sign up, eligibility, coverage period, and coverage benefits, contact the Graduate and Professional Center.

Dental Insurance

Any insured student can request a supplemental dental coverage. There is a separate application available at All support is provided directly through United Healthcare.


Any insured student may also insure his/her spouse or dependents. To apply, complete the Dependent Enrollment Form (PDF). All support is provided directly through United Healthcare.


All students involved in NCAA sports are automatically enrolled in an additional insurance policy for athletes. For more information, contact the Athletics Department at (626) 815-5081.


Health insurance costs can vary from year to year, but for the 2013–14 year, it will be $255/semester for undergraduate students. The fees appear under “Health Fee” on the student’s account and bill. The health fee will automatically be added to the account of students for whom insurance is mandatory. For verification, students can check their accounts for a “health fee” posting by logging into their student account at


If the student is already insured (e.g., under their parents’ policy), then the school insurance is a secondary insurance. If they have no other insurance, United Healthcare will then be the primary insurance. The Student Health Center can help you submit any bills not covered by parental (primary) insurance to United Healthcare (APU insurance, which is secondary) for reimbursement.

United Healthcare pays at 80/20 for most things, but occasionally pays 100 percent with a $25 co-pay, such as lab, radiology, and physician visits. In other words, United Healthcare covers 80% of costs and the patient is responsible for the remaining 20%. The benefit-year maximum is $500,000 per condition per policy year.

For the 2013–14 school year, coverage dates are as follows:

Annual 8/15/13–8/14/14
   Fall 8/15/13–1/12/14
   Spring 1/13/14–8/14/14
Summer 5/5/14–8/14/14

Elective or preventative dental services and elective or preventative eye care are not covered.

It is beneficial to see a United Healthcare "preferred" provider when going to a doctor outside the Student Health Center, in order to reduce the cost of the visit. In addition, when utilizing a facility for things such as lab, radiology, urgent care, or hospital visit, it is important to make sure they are "in network" so that your out of pocket fees are as low as possible.

In the case of an emergency, call 911 first, and then the Department of Campus Safety at (626) 815-3898. There will be a $100 co-pay with each Emergency Room visit which will be waived if admitted.