About the LEC

Mission Statement

The Learning Enrichment Center (LEC) staff is dedicated to helping each person experience maximum intellectual development and growth. Every LEC program and service is built upon a foundation of caring relationships in which staff members actively seek to know and understand students as whole persons, and interact with them in a compassionate, direct, and honest manner consistent with Christian values.

Statement of Vision

The Learning Enrichment Center (LEC) is an institutional resource funded by Azusa Pacific University (APU) to provide non-remedial academic assistance to the student community and support to University constituents. The intent is to facilitate the development of responsible, independent learners. The LEC staff is committed to serving the community by providing individual and group subject-area tutoring, supplemental instruction, specialized courses, academic accommodations for disabled students, and learning strategies assistance. The LEC staff also provides faculty consultation to assist with the integration of learning strategies into subject-area courses. It is the intent of the LEC staff to continue responding to the changing academic needs of students and those within the APU community.


  1. We believe every student has the capacity to assimilate scholastic information to improve his or her current academic competence.
  2. We believe effective learning assistance requires competent, professional, and paraprofessional practices.
  3. We subscribe to an environment that incorporates individual learning needs while empowering students to take responsibility for the development, and mastery of their academic skills.
  4. We are sensitive to equal access issues and actively work to assure that LEC services are available to all students, faculty, and staff.
  5. As Christians, a servant tenor permeates our interactions with our various publics.