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Register for Classes

Every fall and spring semester, the university sets a specific time for current students to enroll in their classes for the following semester. Each student receives a registration appointment time, determined by the number of units the student has completed at the time of registration. Units the student is taking in the current semester do not count for this purpose.

Students currently attending APU may register for classes online at If help is needed, please contact One Stop.

Students may be blocked from registration by financial holds, health holds, academic advising holds, or disciplinary holds, which will appear in the “Holds” box on their Student Center on These students will not be allowed to register for classes until the holds are removed by One Stop, the Student Health Center, the department of their declared major, or the Office of Student Life, respectively.

Students are required to adhere to the academic advising protocol of their declared major department. Students who have not yet declared a major should contact the Office of Academic Advising and Retention.

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What does “My Holds” mean? A hold on a student account is indicated by a note in the “Holds” box on the top right side of the Student Center page. Financial, academic advising, health, and disciplinary holds will prevent a student from registering for classes, requesting a transcript, or graduating and/or receiving a diploma.

If a hold is listed on your account and you are not sure why, select the “Details” link below the hold. On the next screen, select the link in the “Hold Items” column for information about the reason for the hold and which office you need to contact to remove the hold.

If you are trying to register for a class and receive an error message stating that there is a hold on your account, go to the “Holds” box on your Student Center page for more information.

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Add/Drop a Class

Students currently attending APU may register for classes online at If help is needed, please contact One Stop.

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Withdraw from a Class

Need to withdraw from a class? If it is after the Add/Drop deadline but before the end of the 10th week of the semester, you can withdraw from your class and receive a W with no credit and no effect on your GPA. To withdraw, please complete the Class Withdrawal (PDF) form.

If you want to withdraw from all of your classes and leave APU for the rest of the semester, contact the associate dean of students at (626) 815-2067 to fill out the proper form.

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Register for Independent Study

Register for an Independent Study or Course Replacement by filling out the Independent Study/Course Replacement Application (PDF) with your professor and turning it in to the department office during the regular registration or Add/Drop period. Once the application is approved, it will be added to your schedule.

Independent Study courses are available to students who want to pursue individual investigation of a subject area not covered in the regular course offerings, within a closely supervised program. Course replacements are available as an independent study substitute for a course that is listed in the academic catalog.

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File an Incomplete

An incomplete grade of I may be given to a student upon recommendation of the professor with the permission of the appropriate academic chair and dean. To receive an incomplete, the student and professor must fill out the Incomplete Form (PDF) and submit it to the department office.

An incomplete can be given for up to 12 weeks from the end of the semester. At that point, if the professor has not submitted a Grade Change Form to assign a final grade for the student, it will be changed to an F.

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Take a Graduate Class

Undergraduate students can enroll in graduate courses if they are at senior standing with 90+ completed units, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, have filled out the Undergraduate Request to take Graduate Level Course (PDF) received the appropriate approvals on the form, and submitted it to One Stop.

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Transfer Courses to APU

New Transfer Students

If you are currently applying to APU and would like to transfer course credit from another institution, please review the Transfer Applicants Requirements and check with your admissions counselor in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Current Students Transferring Courses

If you are currently enrolled at APU and would like to take courses at another school, you will need prior approval to be sure that your classes will transfer to the university.

If you are taking a class at a community college in California, check to see if your school has an articulation agreement with APU. If your class is listed as transferring to APU in the way that you need, no Transfer Inquiry Form is needed for approval.

If you are planning to take classes at a school that does not have an articulation agreement with APU, then a completed Transfer Inquiry Form (Current APU Students Only) (PDF) is required for approval.

  1. Print and fill out the Transfer Inquiry Form.
  2. A copy of the course syllabus is required with the Transfer Inquiry Form. The syllabus can usually be obtained from the appropriate department at the institution.
  3. Turn in your completed Transfer Inquiry Form and syllabus to One Stop.
  4. The transfer class will be evaluated by the appropriate departments according to APU guidelines and transfer policies.
  5. A finished copy of the Transfer Inquiry Form will be emailed to you in approximately two weeks with the final result.

Approval of a Transfer Inquiry Form does not guarantee that the transferred units will be accepted. Students must receive a grade of C- or higher in the class in order to transfer it to APU.

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Order a Transcript

Need an unofficial transcript? Current students can print unofficial transcripts online through the Student Center. Be sure to allow pop-ups from before trying to view the transcript.

Not a current student, or need an official transcript? Complete the Transcript Request Form (PDF) to receive an official transcript and turn it in to One Stop (for traditional undergraduate students).

Accelerated degree students can obtain their official transcripts though the School of Adult and Professional Studies, and graduate students through the Graduate and Professional Center.

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Graduation Clearance

Students who intend to graduate from APU must complete an Undergraduate Graduation Application (PDF) and submit it to One Stop at least six months prior to their intended graduation. The deadline for turning in the form is posted on the One Stop and academic calendars, and falls within the semester before the student’s last semester.

  1. Pick up an Intent to Graduate form from your major department or One Stop and fill it out.
  2. Obtain a signature from the Center for Student Action for completed service credits.
  3. Take the form to your major department for your academic advisor or department representative to fill out. If you have more than one major, the form must be filled out by both. Please allow several days for this step.
  4. If you have a minor, take the form to your minor department to be filled out. If you have more than one minor, the form must be filled out by both. Please allow several days for this step.
  5. Submit the form to One Stop and review the Intent Checklist with a Student Service Advisor.
  6. You will receive an email notification of your final graduation clearance from your Academic Specialist. Please wait for this confirmation before sending out graduation announcements. This will take at least 8-10 weeks, and may take longer if you have not completed all of your degree requirements.

For more information about the requirements to participate in graduation, drop by One Stop or check the academic catalog.

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Change a Major/Minor

Declare or change your major, concentration, track, or emphasis by completing Major Update Form online. You will receive a PDF via email of the final form once the appropriate department has reviewed and approved it. Please be aware that some majors require you to complete certain prerequisites or apply to the program.

Declare or change your minor by filling out the Minor Update Form. You will receive a PDF via email of the final form once the appropriate department has reviewed and approved it.

Check to see that your major and minor are declared properly on your record through your One Stop Tab at; click on “See my Degree Audit” and confirming that any majors and/or minors included in your degree audit match what you intend to study.

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Verify Enrollment

One Stop offers three official verification forms to confirm student enrollment status, current GPA, or degree received:

Third party verification forms that ask for degree, enrollment status, or current GPA can be submitted to One Stop by fax, email, or in person.

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Military and Veteran Student Resources

For information about resources available to military and veteran students, please visit Military and Veteran Student Resources.

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Appointments are not necessary. If you have a question, please stop by or call us during our business hours. You may also email us at any time at

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