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APU Shared Vision 2022

In September 2011, President Jon R. Wallace, DBA, unveiled to the APU community the Shared Vision 2022. This announcement was preceded by a yearlong journey, commissioned by the Board of Trustees, in which the president engaged in conversation with others and in prayerful introspection to better understand the context of academics now and in the future, to affirm our mission and unique place as a faith-based university, and to more fully understand how APU can equip our graduates to serve God in the world. From these learnings the president, with the support of the Board of Trustees, developed the following vision statement:

APU will be a premier Christian university and a recognized leader in higher education, a city on a hill that reflects the life of Christ and shines the light of Truth.

$On YouTube

  • Jon Wallace VBlog: South Africa Semester

    Azusa Pacific University President Jon Wallace shares about a recent visit to the students participating in the South Africa Semester in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. More at

  • Jon Wallace VBlog: Christmas '08

    Azusa Pacific University president Jon Wallace shares a story from a past Christmas when his children taught him a valuable holiday lesson.

  • Jon Wallace VBlog: Election '08

    Azusa Pacific University President Jon Wallace shares thoughts on the historic 2008 election.

University News

  • The Healing Power of Humor

    Jerry Duprez '75, Ph.D., wrote a humorous memoir chronicling his struggle with testicular cancer, affirming his belief that laughter and hope are the best medicine.

  • Pew Offers GRE, GMAT Training Opportunities

    The Pew College Society at APU offers training opportunities for the GRE and GMAT, exams required for admission to many graduate programs.

  • Honors College Implements Comprehensive Curriculum

    APU's Honors College launches a new curriculum that seeks to recover the wisdom of the Christian tradition, instill moral and intellectual virtue, and reclaim the classical quest for truth, beauty, and goodness.


  • Thank you to the families who joined us this weekend as your sons and daughters begin their APU journey!

    14 hours ago

  • RT @azusapacific: A special chapel for new students and families starts at 9:45 a.m. in the Felix Event Center. See you there!

    18 hours ago

  • Each flame represents a life, but collectively we represent the Body of Christ.

    2 days ago

  • @msheff Glad your son is enjoying his experience at APU. Thank you for your prayers!

    2 days ago