For more than a decade, I have had the privilege of working alongside the Board of Trustees and a team of 1,200 faculty and staff dedicated to our mission of preparing disciples and scholars to advance the work of God in the world.

I am deeply committed to this Christ-centered community and our shared vision to be “a premier Christian university and a recognized leader in higher education, a city on a hill that reflects the life of Christ and shines the light of Truth.”

I encourage you to explore and learn more about the leadership, mission, and vision of Azusa Pacific University.

Jon R. WallaceJon R. Wallace, DBA

University News

Office of the President

  • Israel Dig Unearths Ancient Seal

    A stone seal dating back approximately 3,000 years was discovered by archaeologist Robert Mullins, Ph.D., professor of biblical studies at Azusa Pacific University, and his team during a summer dig at Abel Beth Maacah in Israel.

Elsewhere at APU

  • APU Conducts Groundbreaking Dead Sea Scrolls Research

    APU professors and alumni participated in groundbreaking new research on the Dead Sea Scrolls, sponsored by the Museum of the Bible. The research examines 13 never-before-published Dead Sea Scroll fragments and represents four years of study.

  • APU Election Events Inspire Unity Despite Differences

    The Department of History and Political Science hosts 12 events on campus, concluding with an election night viewing party. The forums touch upon the central issues of the 2016 election, including media framing and presidential rhetoric.

  • Christians and the General Elections: Goodness and Politics

    As we think of this political season, using the word goodness could draw our political discourse in the direction of debating right and wrong. Using the word generosity, though, can lead political discussions into what is caring and helpful.


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