Photo of Sue Hebel, Ed.D., ATC

Sue Hebel, Ed.D., ATC

Professor, Department of Kinesiology
Internship Coordinator, B.S. in Applied Exercise Science
Phone: (626) 815-5088
Fax: (626) 815-5084
Sue Hebel, Ed.D., enjoys getting her students excited about current research in the field of physical education and how they can apply this information in their professional teaching and coaching. For Common Day of Learning 2004, Hebel coached her students as they examined the research on carbohydrate-protein postexercise nutritional strategies, and the class then designed its own postexercise meals based on their findings. She is working with Brian Clay, 2004 Olympic decathlon silver medalist, to develop a video series of his dynamic warm-up. She is passionate about service-learning in the Azusa Unified School District, and desires for her students to apply their learning to elementary, junior high, and high school students.


  • Ed.D., Analysis of Human Motions, Brigham Young University
  • M.A., Physical Education (Administration), California State University, Long Beach
  • B.A., Physical Education, Biola University


School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences

  • Department of Kinesiology


  • Decathlon, Triathlon, and Heptathlon Training
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Fitness
  • Sports Medicine

Courses Taught

  • PE 325 – Motor Development and Learning
  • PE 363 – Physiology of Exercise (F)
  • PE 366 – Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
  • PE 475 – Tests and Measurements in Physical Education and Sports
  • PE 565 – Physical Education, Athletics, and the Law
  • PE 575 – Advanced Principles of Physical Conditioning
  • PE 580 – Wellness and Fitness for Life