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Samuel Sambasivam, Ph.D.

Chair Emeritus, Computer Science Department
Program Director of Computer Science Programs, Professor
Phone: (626) 815-5476
Fax: (626) 815-5323
Samuel E. Sambasivam, Ph.D., has done extensive research, written for publications, and given presentations in computer science, data structures, and mathematics. He has taught computer science for 27 years at three universities in the U.S., and has taught mathematics for 32 years at five universities in the U.S. and India. He was a distinguished visiting professor of computer science at the United States Air Force Academy during the 2008–09 academic year, and interim associate dean of APU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in 2004–05. Sambasivam teaches Database Management Systems, Object-Oriented Programming with C++ Language, Client/Server Applications Development, Advanced Database Applications, Applied Artificial Intelligence, and other courses, and has developed several courses for computer science majors. He directed the regional Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Programming Contest for six years, and is the coordinator of the client/server emphasis of the M.S. program. He is a voting member of the ACM and is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Kappa Mu Epsilon, and Ypsilon Pi Epsilon. Sambasivam serves as an associate editor for Information Systems Education Journal, and is a referee for ACM-SIGCSE conferences, INSITE, ISECON conferences, and IEEE Transactions on Computers.


Ph.D., Mathematics/Computer Science
M.S., Computer Science (With Honors)
Pre-Ph.D., Mathematics/Computer Science
M.S., Mathematics (With Honors)
B.S., Mathematics (With Honors)


  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    • Computer Science


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Client/Server Applications
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • XML Database Applications

Courses Taught

CISS 325 – Database Management Systems
CISS 330 – Systems Programming I, C++ Language
CISS 335 – Systems Programming II, C++ Language
CISS 350 – Computer Algorithms
CISS 460 – Software Project I
CISS 461 – Software Project II
CISS 462 – Software Project III
CISS 470 – Software Engineering I
CS 320 – Data Structures
CS 325 – Database Management Systems
CS 430 – Artificial Intelligence
CS 435 – Advanced Database Application Programming
CS 460 – Software Project
CS 470 – Software Engineering I
CS 480 – Software Engineering II
CS 497 – Readings
CS 498 – Directed Research
CS 499 – Thesis/Project
CS 509 – Programming Internals with C
CS 518 – Object-Oriented Programming with C++ Language
CS 519 – Database Systems
CS 520 – Data Structures and Algorithms
CS 546 – Applied Artificial Intelligence
CS 550 – Client/Server Applications Development
CS 560 – Advanced Database Applications
CS 587 – Topics in Technical Programming
CS 595 – Capstone Project
CS 599 – Research and Independent Study in Applied Computer Science and Technology
MCIS 400 – Client/Server Technology
MSIT 525 – Database Systems
MSIT 550 – Security Engineering
MSIT 565 – Advanced Database Systems

Office Location

Building One, Room 205, West Campus

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