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Degree Advancement

Semester Units of Credit

APU measures courses in semester units of credit. Courses are worth different unit values depending on the type of course and the number of hours the course meets each week. Three units are usually given when a course meets three hours per week, although in some fields, such as physical education, music, nursing, and laboratory sciences, more hours per week are required. Courses in summer sessions meet for the same number of minutes and receive the same unit value as semester courses, but more time per day is devoted to these courses since there are fewer sessions.

Normal Progress Toward a Degree

The minimum number of credits for a bachelor's degree is 126. Twelve (12) units per semester constitute a minimum full-time load, and will be considered normal progress toward a degree. However, students must be aware that at this 12-unit-per-semester pace, they will not complete the bachelor's degree in a four-year period unless summer sessions or extra terms are taken.


Seniors must complete an Undergraduate Graduation Application (PDF) and submit it to One Stop at least 90 days prior to commencement. A student may participate in the commencement exercises only if the degree work has been completed or is in process concurrently at another institution, and will be completed in the graduating term. Concurrent enrollment is limited to 17 units with a maximum of 7 units being completed at another institution. (The student must receive prior approval from the Undergraduate Registrar for concurrent enrollment, including correspondence classes.) Correspondence courses must be completed prior to commencement. Proof of completion must be given to the Undergraduate Registrar.