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Grading and Transcripts

Attendance Regulation

Class attendance is of paramount importance, and excessive absences will affect the final grade. The individual instructor defines the grading and attendance policies for each class in the course instruction plan.


Final examinations are required in all courses. No final examination shall be given to individual students before the regularly scheduled time. No exception can be made to this rule without the written approval of the instructor, the department chair, and the appropriate academic dean.


Grades are based on daily work, classroom projects, and examinations. Scholarship is ranked as follows: A, exceptional; B, superior; C, average; D, poor; F, failure; I, incomplete; and W, withdrawal. For each credit in which the student is enrolled, points are awarded according to the grade earned as follows:

Grade A 4.0 points Grade C+ 2.3 points Grade D- 0.7 points
Grade A- 3.7 points Grade C 2.0 points Grade F 0 points
Grade B+ 3.3 points Grade C- 1.7 points Grade W 0 points
Grade B 3.0 points Grade D+ 1.3 points    
Grade B- 2.7 points Grade D 1.0 point    

Incomplete Grades

The grade “Incomplete” (I) is given only under special circumstances. An I grade may be given upon recommendation of the professor with the permission of the appropriate academic dean. To obtain an Incomplete, the student must fill out the official Incomplete Form (PDF) available from the Undergraduate Registrar. An Incomplete may be granted for up to 12 weeks from date of issue. Petition for extension beyond the 12 weeks will be subject to review by the faculty member and the appropriate academic dean. An Incomplete, submitted without the Incomplete Form or not made up within the allotted period, will automatically become an F.

Repeated Courses

Students may repeat courses at APU. All grades will remain on record but only the most recent attempt, regardless of the grade, will be calculated into the student’s grade-point average, whether the course is taken at APU or elsewhere. However, the units will be counted for credit only once, which may impact financial aid, athletic eligibility, and graduation requirements. If a repeated class is taken at another institution, both the grade and the units of the repeated class will be transferred (providing the class meets the guidelines for transfer). Students may not take an APU course more than three times unless specified in the course description.


Transcripts are available approximately four weeks after the completion of courses. Requests can be made in writing and should include the following information:

Transcript Request Forms (PDF) are available at One Stop and online at Transcripts, diplomas, and/or verifications of degrees will not be released until financial obligations to the university are met.

For more information about transcripts, please visit the Ordering Transcripts page.