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Honors College

The Azusa Pacific University Honors College consists of enriched courses developed for talented and motivated students selected from among applicants in each incoming freshman class. The curriculum fulfills a significant portion of the general education requirements while challenging students with greater depth, intensity, intellectual rigor, and close student-faculty collaboration. The class enrollment is limited to 15 students and the courses are designed by outstanding professors in their fields.

In addition to the Honors curriculum, the program offers extracurricular cultural and social activities and international learning experiences. For qualified students who choose to participate, the Honors College provides a challenge and opportunity: the challenge to perform at their highest levels of excellence and the opportunity to develop their abilities to the fullest.

A minimum of 21 units of honors curriculum must be completed in order to graduate as an Honors Scholar. The graduate receives a certificate of completion, a brass medallion, and a diploma stating the degree was earned "with honors."

To be considered for admission, potential participants must represent the top 10 percent of incoming freshmen based on their high school grade-point average and SAT or ACT scores. Eligible students will be selected on the basis of academic performance, demonstrated leadership ability, and exemplary character. In addition to completing the usual application and reference forms for admission, interested students must complete an Honors Program application and submit one additional reference form from a teacher.

Students not enrolled in the Honors College may petition to register for an honors course.

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