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Approval Process

Current APU students wishing to take courses for credit at another institution while enrolled at APU should obtain prior approval from the Undergraduate Registrar. Without written prior approval from the registrar, transfer credits may be denied, per the Undergraduate Catalog.

A completed Transfer Inquiry Form (Current APU Students Only) (PDF) is required to obtain permission from the Undergraduate Registrar to take a class at another institution while attending APU.

Please note:

Steps for Approval

  1. Fill out and complete the Transfer Inquiry Form (Current APU Students Only) (PDF).
  2. Attach a copy of the course description and/or syllabus. Course descriptions can be obtained from the institution’s academic catalog or you may go online to for academic catalogs from schools throughout the country.
  3. Turn in your completed Transfer Inquiry Form to the Undergraduate Registrar. You should expect to receive a response in approximately two weeks.

Submitting a Transfer Inquiry Form does not guarantee that the transfer units will be accepted.