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Higher education is one of the most important investments an individual or family can make. While cost should not be the only determining factor in selecting the correct university, having a clear understanding of the expense involved is an integral part of making a well-informed choice.

Early financial planning is the first step in planning for a college education. It is never too early to start learning about the cost of college payment strategies. Waiting until the last minute may be costly.

Students and parents preparing for the future may get help choosing a career, selecting a school, and paying for higher education through the website, "Mapping Your Future," (http://www.mappingyourfuture.org/). This site is a cooperative public service project maintained by a number of guaranteed agencies.

Another excellent resource for students and parents is the website sponsored by USA Funds (http://www.usafunds.org). USA Funds, the nation’s leading guarantor/administrator of student loans, has expanded its site to include an array of free interactive tools and services that assist families with financial aid for college.

Timely application for financial assistance is the critical second step to financing a college education. See the section entitled "Applying for Financial Aid."

Each family should expect to make every reasonable financial adjustment to provide as much support as possible for college expenses.

The application process for financial assistance at universities may be confusing and time consuming. Azusa Pacific University offers financial aid workshops throughout the year to assist parents and students with the forms and provides information on the application process. The workshop for new students is held annually in December. It is recommended that prospective students and their parents attend one of the sessions. We are always available to provide assistance at (626) 812-3009.