Meet the Staff

  • Matt Browning, Ed.D.
    Associate Vice President for Internationalization

    Matt has a relentless passion for the people in God’s world. He is committed to providing as many opportunities as possible to mobilize APU faculty, staff, and students to answer the call to reach all nations and people groups for Christ. His span of responsibility includes overseeing the offices and programs within the Center for Student Action. Prior to Azusa Pacific University, Matt served as vice president for student programs at the English Language Institute China, where he mobilized North Americans to serve as English teachers in Asia. Matt has traveled extensively around the world, spoken on many university and church campuses, and been apart of key leadership areas at APU and other organizations.

  • Karen Rouggly, M.A.
    Director for Mobilization

    Karen serves as the director in charge of developing transformational service opportunities for all students serving locally and internationally. Prior to working for the Center for Student Action, Karen worked as a U.S.-based missionary recruiting for a South African organization, as well as in the fields of public and nonprofit education. She received an M.A. in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. Karen is passionate about community development, transformational service, and helping students understand cross-cultural ministry.

  • Cynthia Souza
    Associate Director of Operations and Finance

    Cynthia came to APU in 2013 and joined the CSA family in January 2016, providing leadership for the center’s operations and finance team. A native Californian, Cynthia received a bachelor’s degree in business administration and has had a long-standing career overseeing finance and operations in both higher education and aerospace industries. Prior to APU, Cynthia oversaw I.T. Operations at Harvey Mudd College for 20 years and served on several Claremont Consortium leadership committees. Cynthia strongly believes in the mission of the Center for Student Action, and hopes her contributions as part of the leadership team will leave a huge spiritual imprint on this world.

  • Joshua M. Fieldson, MPH
    Assistant Director for Mobilization

    Joshua oversees marketing, educational programming, and research and assessment for the CSA. He received an MPH from California State University, Long Beach and is currently working on an M.A. in Leadership from APU. Prior to joining the CSA, Joshua worked for Mika CDC, a community development organization where he led volunteer and youth development programs and basic operations. He is passionate about people, culture, stories, and bringing people together for Good. He and his wife, Stephanie, reside in Long Beach, California.

  • Colie Krueger, MATUL
    Program Coordinator for Local Engagement

    Colie recently graduated from APU with an M.A. in Transformational Urban Leadership, in which she lived and served in Kolkata, India. Before coming to APU, Colie served as a youth pastor in Portland, Oregon, for four years while attending seminary at George Fox University. Prior to life in Portland, she did a year of postgrad service in Ecuador after receiving a B.A. in Social Justice and Welfare from Marquette University. She is a devoted Packers fan and a lover of Wisconsin cheese. Her main passion in life, though, is sharing Jesus with others and encouraging students to live in the freedom and endless love of Christ.

  • Michelle Martinez
    Service Requirement Coordinator

    Michelle oversees the tracking of more than 5,500 undergraduate students’ service requirements. She received her bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies from UC Riverside and completed her Masters in Arts in Leadership Development at Azusa Pacific University. She has been at the university for 10 years and enjoys serving students. She is an Azusa Scholar Mentor and has previously been the Latin American Student Association advisor for four years. Michelle has a heart and passion for student development and leadership. She loves helping students discover their strengths and leadership abilities.

  • Laurelyn Shaw
    Senior Program Coordinator for Action Teams

    Laurelyn Shaw currently serves as the senior program coordinator for action teams, after serving two years as a program advisor and operations coordinator in the center. She holds a B.A. in Communication Studies from Houghton College and an M.S. in College Counseling and Student Development from Azusa Pacific University. Prior to serving in the center, Laurelyn worked in youth ministry in a local church and short-term missions with a national non-profit organization. She believes that learning happens best through experience, evidenced by her extensive traveling and serving across the United States and around the world. Laurelyn is passionate about mobilizing APU students to serve and learn on Action Teams, and she believes faith is an adventure that should be lived out in the world.

  • Sasha Santillian
    Senior Finance Coordinator

    Sasha Santillian was born in Whittier, California, raised in Littleton, Colorado, and moved back to California a year after graduating high school. In fall 2012, she began her journey at Azusa Pacific University as an undergraduate student majoring in accounting, and served as a student-worker in CSA, assisting with finances. Educating, learning, serving, and empowering others are some of her greatest passions. Santillian is excited to be a part of CSA and strongly believes in mobilizing others to fulfill God’s instruction of loving and discipling others. In June 2014, on the beaches of Malibu, she married her husband, Elvis. She is excited about life and cannot wait to see where God will continue to lead her and her husband.

  • Annie Wong
    Operations Coordinator

    Annie Wong serves as operations coordinator for the Center for Student Action. She was born and raised in Southern California and attended the University of California, Los Angeles, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in communication studies and a minor in education studies. There, she began to grow to understand the Father’s heart for justice and for the nations. She previously worked at the U.S. Center for World Mission (now known as Frontier Ventures) and World Vision International. She has participated in short-term missions and service projects in Taiwan, South Korea, Mexico, Innercity L.A., Pala, Arizona, and Myanmar. She looks forward to relate her past experiences to mobilize students for missions and service, and develop higher education students.

  • Lindsey Lundberg
    H.I.S. Years Coordinator and Office Coordinator

    Lindsey Lundberg has been serving with the Center for Student Action for the last six years. As an undergraduate at APU, she participated in Action teams, spending her summers in Tanzania and South Africa, where she also studied abroad. After graduating from APU with her B.A in Mathematics, Lindsey joined H.I.S. Years and moved to India for two years. While in India, Lindsey worked among the unreached oral people groups, helping translate scripture into oral Bible stories set in village languages. She has a passion for bringing the gospel to the unreached of the world and mobilizing students to do the same.

  • Crystal Canales
    Administrative Assistant

    Crystal’s journey with Azusa Pacific University began at the age of 7 when she participated in Mexico Outreach. For the next 12 years, she continued to serve with Mexico Outreach with her local church community, along with serving in other missions in Europe. Her background is in arts and humanities, and she plans to further her education at APU. She enjoys service, and in 2013 she participated in Adventures in Missions World Race, serving in 11 countries in 11 months, which included parts of Central America, Asia, and Southern Africa.

  • Eddy Calderwood
    Director, Mexico Outreach

    Eddy’s journey with Mexico Outreach began in 1979, when he helped lead a church team to Pastor Juan’s church just outside of Mexicali. Eddy’s worldview was rocked, as were those of his teammates. This deep impact led Eddy to return as a volunteer, student worker, and full-time staff member, and he now serves as the director. Eddy learned the value of relationships, and he still works with Pastor Juan and other church leaders he met back when he first began his journey in Mexico.

  • Ron Aramburo
    Assistant Director of North American Partnerships
    and Student Development, Mexico Outreach

    Ron serves as a liaison between North American churches and organizations, developing ministry opportunities and partnerships between Mexican, American, and Canadian ministries. An alumnus of Azusa Pacific University, Ron majored in social science and minored in Christian Ministry. Ron spent seven years as a teacher in East Los Angeles and comes with many cross-cultural ministry experiences. He is also an associate pastor and worship leader in Azusa. Ron enjoys family time, playing the guitar, reading, sports, student development, and networking.

  • Bob McCorkle
    Senior Coordinator of Marketing and Publication, Mexico Outreach

    Bob’s grandparents were missionaries in the Middle East during the Great Depression; there are few whom he admires more, and their example moved him to be a missionary. They risked their lives for people they didn’t know, and loved even those who wanted to kill them. Why did they risk everything? Why love their enemies? They followed the Jesus of Isaiah 11:1–5. Bob uses their example to continue carrying out this call through his role in Mexico Outreach as the marketing and publications specialist.

  • Eduardo Irizarry
    Event Operations and Recruitment Coordinator, Mexico Outreach

    Eduardo was born and raised in San Francisco by great Cuban parents. He graduated from APU with a degree in liberal studies and a Spanish minor, and in 1985 went on the school’s first Ecuador missions trip with 26 other students. He taught regular elementary and Spanish classes for 22 years (seven of those years in Bogota, Colombia). He started volunteering at Mexico Outreach at Easter 1984 and has not missed one Easter since. He is excited about his role at Mexico Outreach.

  • Dennys Espinoza
    Coordinator of Mexico Outreach and Ministry and Legal Relations

    Dennys Espinoza assists and facilitates ministry relations and development in Mexico. He oversees Mexico Outreach relations with Mexican governmental agencies, and assists in coordinating administrative aspects of ministry partnerships. In an interpreters meeting in Mexicali in 1997, Espinoza listened to Al and Rosa Castro, past Mexico Outreach coordinators, as they shared this impacting statement, "Know that you are not here by coincidence, but that God has you here for a reason and a purpose!"

Service Requirements