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Each student should complete the online Service Credit Report Form located at at the end of each semester or shorter service experience. A short reflection of the service experience is included in the online process.

Once completely filled out, the Service Credit Report Form will be approved and posted on the student’s account. Students can expect their credit to be posted roughly 2–4 weeks after submitting their report(s).

Seniors intending to graduate must adhere to the registrar’s deadlines and policies as listed in the Undergraduate Catalog. This procedure includes completing the Intent to Graduate process and receiving clearance for completed service credits. For specific deadlines, visit the Office of the Undergraduate Registrar.

Any faculty or staff member who wishes to collaborate with the Center for Student Action should stop by the office or call (626) 812-3027. Students may visit or call the office if they have any questions concerning service credits or wishing to be connected with a service opportunity.