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Kay Higuera Smith, Ph.D.

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2008 Why Transformative Diversity Escapes Christian Institutions. Paper presented at the Christians on Diversity in the Academy Conference, Pomona, CA, April 24.

2007 Postcolonialism and the Confessional Institution. Paper presented at the Annual Summer Division of Religion & Philosophy Colloquium. Corona del Mar, CA, June 11.

2007 Teaching Postcolonialism in a Colonial Environment. Paper presented at the Institute for Signifying Scriptures. Claremont, CA, February 8.

2009 Panel Responder to J. R. Daniel Kirk, Unlocking Romans: Resurrection and the Justification of God (Eerdmans, 2008). Pacific Coast Region of the Society of Biblical Literature. March 23, Santa Clara, CA.

2005 "Jewish Life as Sacrament." Paper presented at the Hashivenu Forum, Pasadena, California, February.

2003 "What Do We Do with Patriarchy?" Paper presented at the Society of Biblical Literature National Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, November.

2002 "Paul and Cosmos." Lecture delivered to Colleagues in Undergraduate Religion Faculty, Faculty Forum, Corona del Mar, California, May.

2002 "The New Testament and the Canonical Narrative." Paper presented at the Hashivenu Forum. Fuller Seminary, Pasadena, California, February.

2001 "Response to Paul Saal's 'Re-imagining the Canonical Text.'" Paper presented at the Hashivenu Forum. Pasadena, California, February.

2000 "The Boundaries of the Kingdom: Social Boundaries and the Kingdom of God in Early Judaism." Paper presented at Department of Religion and Philosophy Colloquium, Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, California, February.

"More on Matthew's Gentile Mission." Paper presented at the Society of Biblical Literature West Coast Regional Conference, Azusa, California, April 2000.

Smith, K. (2008). From Evangelical Tolerance to Imperial Prejudice? Teaching Postcolonial Biblical Studies in a Westernized, Confessional Setting. Christian Scholar’s Review 37: 447-464.

Smith, K. (2008) Review of Jewish Christianity Reconsidered: Rethinking Ancient Groups and Texts, by Matt Jackson-McCabe, Ed. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2007. Journal of Early Christian Studies 16:2: 255-256.

Smith, K. (2004). "Reframing Difference: Evangelicals, Scripture, and the Jews." In Landres, J. S. and Berenbaum, M. (Eds.), After the Passion Is Gone: American Religious Consequences. Lanham, Maryland: Altamira Press.

Smith, K. (2004). [Review of Richard Bauckham's book Gospel Women: Studies of the Named Women in the Gospels]. Christian Scholars Review, 33(4), p. 603-605.

Smith, K. (2001). "Gender and Ordination." Kesher, 13, p. 68-81.

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