University Fund

What is the University Fund?
The University Fund provides for every aspect of life at Azusa Pacific University. In addition to contributing to vital scholarships, the University Fund provides unrestricted support to the areas of highest impact on campus each year.

How Can I Make a Difference?
Gifts to the University Fund enable APU to do what it does best—prepare disciples and scholars who bring Christ's love to the world. Our students have incredible opportunities to partner with many APU programs geared toward outreach in Azusa, the United States, and around the globe. They spend nights, weekends, and vacations tutoring kids, rebuilding houses, and caring for the sick. Our students aren't just getting ready for a future impact, they make a difference today.

University Fund support is so much more than a tax deduction each year—it makes an eternal difference in the lives of APU students and each person they touch. APU is blessed to partner with faithful donors who allow God to use their resources in this special way.

Will you be a part of offering this life-changing gift to APU students and so many others?

What Does the University Fund Support?
Through University Fund scholarships, a diverse group of students are able to attend APU, discover their calling, and receive a transformative education that empowers them to impact the world for Christ.

Faculty and Programs
The University Fund allows APU to hire the highest-caliber faculty and staff, including several faculty from top-tier research institutions. The fund also contributes to APU's excellent academic, artistic, and athletic programs, as well as its unique study abroad opportunities.

Student Life
To ensure that students have the most rewarding on-campus experience, the University Fund supports ministry and service programs, provides current library resources, creates study areas around campus, and funds renovation projects for residence halls.

The University Fund helps implement a wide range of technology upgrades, from on-campus plasma screens that improve communication to state-of-the-art laboratory equipment in the new Segerstrom Science Center.

The Fruits of Your Generosity
Those who give to Azusa Pacific University not only enjoy federal tax deductions, but they also join a merited fellowship of benefactors. Gifts of $1,000 or more qualify donors for membership in the President’s Circle, a core group of supporters committed to furthering the mission and purpose of APU through prayer, funds, promotion, and encouragement. For more information about the President’s Circle, please click here.

The most rewarding aspect of giving, however, is knowing that the gift produces something eternal. APU students, both present and past, can attest to the miracles that made their admission and continued attendance possible. The University Fund has often been the instrument God used to create those miracles. Through it, the rich heritage that founded this university as a training school for Christian workers is made available to countless students today as they prepare for meaningful careers that will impact the world.

How to Contribute
There are many ways to contribute to Azusa Pacific University and its mission to develop disciples and scholars. Follow this link to explore your options.