Integrating Science, Culture, and Faith

The Center for Research in Science (CRIS) exists to serve a community of students, scholars, and laypersons by promoting research that encompasses and extends the scope of scientific studies and addresses the inseparable relationship between science and culture, its role in classical liberal arts education, and the ancient dialogue between faith and reason.

We are certain that there can be no conflict between true science and true theology since God is the source of all truth; conflicts only arise from discrepancies in human knowledge, understanding, and interpretation. Indeed, we should never forget that science, like every other field of study, is a human affair, and is therefore always in the service of social and even political priorities.

We are very excited about inviting a series of devoted thinkers to come speak on these important subjects in the approaching academic year, and to make their teachings an integral part of the educational experience at APU. We will be sure to keep the community posted with upcoming events as the schedule develops.

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  • International Students and Scholars Night Market happening now on Cougar Walk. #iheartAPU

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  • RT @CherylFletch: Speaking @APUChapel this morning. Hoping they get a glimpse of Jesus. All prayers appreciated. #APU #simplyjesus #FB

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