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Advancing the Academic Mission

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (CTLA) exists to advance the academic mission and vision of the university by resourcing faculty in their roles as educators and scholars, as well as providing institutional data for strategic decision making.

CTLA is composed of six offices committed to helping faculty fulfill the academic vision of the university:

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News & Features

  • Students Riding on Coattails during Group Work? Five Simple Ideas to Try | ITT

    The idea for sharing this post came from a session I recently conducted at the annual teaching conference organized by my university. A pedagogical conundrum was raised by a colleague whose enthusiasm and question stayed with me and inspired me to write this post. The question posed by...

  • How Does Temperament Affect Online Student Success and Retention?

    Do certain personality traits increase students’ chances of success in the online learning environment? It’s an intriguing question that has not received much attention, an oversight that Ben Meredith, director of the Center for Distance Education at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, has sought to remedy.

    “We hear all the time...

  • Three Steps to Better Course Evaluations |Faculty Evaluation

    By: Mary Clement, EdD. in Faculty Evaluation

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    With each semester’s end comes the often-dreaded course evaluation process. Will the students be gentle and offer constructive criticism, or will their comments be harsh and punitive? What do students really want out of a course, anyway? A better time to...

  • When to Use Whole Class Feedback

    When to Use Whole Class Feedback

    By: Maryellen Weimer, PhD in Teaching Professor Blog

    Whole class feedback … you know, when the teacher returns a set of papers or exams and talks to the entire class about its performance, or the debriefing part of an activity...

  • Four Key Questions about Grading

    By: Maryellen Weimer, PhD in Teaching Professor Blog

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    There’s an excellent article on grading in a recent issue of Cell Biology Education-Life Sciences Education. It offers a brief history of grading (it hasn’t been around for all that long), and then looks to the literature for answers to...